I swear, I'm just looking at the pictures!
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Eldon Dedini NSFW is one of several 1960's Playboy cartoonists featured over at the Animation Archive.

More on Dedini:

Anson Musselman's Eldon Dedini: A Life in Cartoons was included in the Fantagraphics book An Orgy of Playboy's Dedini, and is a great look into the artist's life, process, and work. [1 2 3 4 5 ] The person who uploaded this doc has some, uh, intriguing other uploads, in case you're interested.

In addition to his racier work, Dedini did story work for Disney:
Mickey & the Beanstalk - (scenes) 1 2 3 4 5
Fun & Fancy Free - Say It With A Slap
Donald Duck - Dumbell of the Yukon

Via Bibi's Box, just like mediareport's awesome previous thread on The Fabulous Petty Girls which, ahem, also points to the ASIFA-HAA (as well does a couple of other posts). It's a good site, and I highly recommend perusing the other collections on that Top 10 Reasons to, uh, donate page.
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Those are some substantial nymphs.
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No worries about BMI there.

I don't know why, but I don't think I'll shave tomorrow.
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yet stunningly unfunny
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bear in mind these cartoons are from the sixties, a time of great social upheaval in america. sides were being taken on the legality and responsibility of a very divisive war. with few exceptions, pop culture was ignoring political morality just as it is today. the exceptions then were the likes of jane fonda, tom hayden, phil ochs, allen ginsburg et al, who, though publicly despised for their anti-war efforts raised the consciousness of the country and brought the war to an end. playboy, despite it's self proclaimed liberal attitudes had damn little involvement in the issues of the day, carrying on with it's tits and ass approach to the finer things in life. it was the beginning of a long and slow death of a publication that drowned in its own irrelevency. maybe i expected too much, as by design, playboy's main purpose was to give your left hand something to do.
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I grew up in the late 60's, early 70's and remember his cartoons well from the occasional Playboy that we got our hands on. I think they had a definite impact on the type of woman I find attractive.
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