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Speaking of High School newspapers and Matt's impending reunion, a friend of mine sent me to highschoolalumni.com a while back. As a result of some email I got from someone there, I found classmates.com which links to a high school bulletin board on delphi.com. Now I'm getting email left and right from people I haven't seen in 18-20 years, and it's a little freaky. The best so far was from my freshman year biology lab partner. She was totally the Roller Disco Queen at Skate City, and even had a Linda Blair-esque Roller Boogie picture in the yearbook. We didn't really know each other, so when she said "I too, am very fuzzy on high school days. It just seems like a life time ago, but I do remember you well", I took it as a compliment. It may seem silly, but I would hate to be forgettable. You see, Matt? You don't *have* to go back, you can interact with all the people you don't want to see again from the comfort of your own home.
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Actually, when classmates.com first launched (it was about '95 or '96), I think I signed up, just to see if I could hook up with the nerds (not my tight circle of friends, but people I interacted with). I figured the nerds from school would be early adopters and probably have signed up. There was only one other person, and I hadn't heard of her before, so I think I deleted my account then. I went back a few months ago when my brother showed it to me (his year had loads of people signed up), but my year was still pathetic.

I guess I don't really see any reason to interact with my former classmates, so if they find me now and send a message, great. I doubt it will ever happen though.
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