Doctor Steel versus The Hammer of God
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Not only does Dr. Duncan Steel have a manly name, he's also one of the guys responsible for keeping those pesky asteroids away from Earth.
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Curiously, there are in fact two research scientists by the name of Duncan Steel. The Cracked article gives the fact list from the astrobiologist's page, but the picture shown is actually of the condensed matter experimentalist. I wouldn't know this, except the latter is a professor in my department, and thus I was surprised to see you talk about asteroids instead of quantum computers. The only other pair of disparate scientists with the same name are Sean Carroll the evolutionary biologist and Sean Carroll the cosmologist, and they are yet more confusing as they have both written noteworthy books.
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That self same Duncan Steel is also a porn actor. It's so weird how he has every job you'd think he'd have.
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schismatic, i read that second one as Sean Carroll the cosmetologist, which confused me for a minute. heh. i guess i'm just not much of an astrophysicist. or, apparently, someone with good comprehension skills.
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i guess i'm just not much of an astrophysicist

but there's still hope for you as an astrologer.
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I just had a flashback to one schoolbus ride long time ago when when M. Kerns, the elder and over-sized head bully of what was generally a crowd of bullies anyway - the picture you should have in mind is essentially a steroidal Imogene Herdman - confided to me, for some reason, that she aspired to go to Vo-Tech and learn to be a cosmetologist.

The options were either bite my tongue and agree what what a noble aspiration that was, or laugh and get turned into so much wolfpulp.

It was just too goddamned funny.
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Oh, *@#! brilliant. What she said, of course, was "cosmologist."
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Actually, what she said was "cosmonaut." She was going to VoTech to be a cosmonaut. There. The hell with this anecdote.
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Also, it was actually a 48-year-old man, ITT Tech, and a hemorrhoidal Imogen Heap.
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Duncan Steel.

Dunk-in Steel.

Nope, nothing to be done here.
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I feel the need to mention that the "Ver" in "Magnús Ver Magnússon" is an archaic Icelandic word meaning "man."
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I thought Commander Flex Plexico should have been number one. Can you imagine being under his command? It would be like reporting to Captain Zap Brannigan.
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Except, you know, without the uncomfortably short kilt.
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I kind of wonder where the hell Wolf Blitzer is on that list.
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And what of John Force?
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Dr. Steel?
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