Where there is no doctor
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"Where there is no doctor", a "village health-care handbook", was originally published by Mexican health activists in 1973 as a response to a critical lack of medical care among Mexico's poor. Now available for free download, the book covers such topics as "Family Planning" [pdf], Healing without Medicines [pdf], Common Medicines, their uses and doses [pdf], the right and wrong uses of modern medicines [pdf], and (in the midwives edition) DIY abortion [pdf].

Other topics include: Where Women have no doctor, violence against women, mental health for women, Female genital cutting, Where There Is No Dentist, HIV health and your community and more.

Special thanks to MetaFilter's own mr. bill for introducing me to this resource and providing a the downloads in convenient single-pdf format.
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If the US had historically specialised in exporting health care expertise and education instead of weapons and military expertise, the world would be a very different place.
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I seem to recall that this is still a very well considered "emergency" medical manual. There is also "Where There Is No Dentist". [pdf] Although strictly speaking you might want to go buy a couple hard copies or print these out as if you end up actually needing them you will discover there is no companion "Where There Is No Laptop." Highly recommended by 9 out of 10 doomsday cults.
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Well, I certainly cannot read "Where There Is No Dentist", because that is horrifying.
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More horrifying is the DIY abortion. I read almost that whole story below about the vivisected penis, but as the owner of a vagina, I can barely get through this abortion pdf.
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"Where there is No Doctor" is one of those books that set apart the proper adventurer (or at least the advanced arm chair traveller) from the crowd. Others include the SAS Survival Handbook - which tells you not only how to trap a polar bear but also which parts not to eat - and the Royal Geographical Society's Expedition Handbook which will tell you the best ways of catching bats and caring for your camel's feet.
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The Expedition Handbook is also downloadable, chapter by chapter, from the RGS.
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I've put everything I have up on Scribd to help save bandwidth (and easy online previewing etc).

Where There is No Doctor

Where There is No Dentist

NATO Emergency War Surgery Handbook

2007 Army Ranger Medical Handbook

Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook

I first discovered most of these after reading about them in James Wesley Rawles' novel Patriots, itself a good survival reference.
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I've had these in my Amazon wish-list for quite some time.. preparing for the end of the world + rebuilding civilization and all.

Glad they are free now - but I will still end up donating to the creators, as they do a lot of good will around the world.
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