Alexandra Boulat
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Alexandra Boulat, one of the world's top women photojournalists has passed away. Her work will continue to inspire (quicktime slideshow+audio).

More links: [portfolio / hasted hunt (annoying popup) / times online / nyt / warphoto / beyond words / kosovo / | afghan
famine essay
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"top women photojournalists," eh?
posted by dismas at 10:14 AM on October 9, 2007

Probably didn't need the qualifier. She's just a top woman.
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I actually don't like the female qualifier. She was one of the world's best photojournalists. In the biz, we really don't divide ourselves into gender categories.

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The link to "portfolio" brings up her gallery. The first image in that gallery, of Baghdad under black smoke, is particularly jarring. It's like the city is being crushed by the very fact of it's destruction. Her other photos of Iraq and equally haunting.

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english is not my 1st language, sorry. the purpose of the post was to honor an extraordinary person who is no longer with us. I guess deconstructing the (bad) post is more fun than commenting on her incredible work. cheers.
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This isn't about the nuances of English grammar, which you seem to have mastered. It's about detracting from her accomplishments, albeit inadvertently, by categorizing her according to gender. Now, on with the dots...
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That quicktime slideshow was gorgeous. I don't think a male photographer would have had as much access to those women's world, and I'm glad she took the time to explore it and share it with us.

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FYI, this is the photo I was talking about above.

Here is a tribute to her.

Nice post, ig.
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2001: A Burqa Odyssey? Interesting choice in music.
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ig, the use of 'woman' vs 'female' as an adjective has also been a topic of discussion here, so don't take it personally. Thanks for the lovely post.

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Ah, what a loss. That slide show is simply amazing. Thank you for the post, ig - your links are a fine tribute.

Please don't be put off by the comments, I am sure I am not alone in wishing you would post here more often.
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