Team Fortress 2
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Ignis Solus is a machinima made using Team Fortress 2. If you can't get enough, check out the Valve created ones. Meet the Engineer, Soldier, Heavy Weapons Guy and Demoman .
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great ad. what's your cut?
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Not pepsi blue.

I don't work at valve. Ignis is independent I believe, the rest are in house.
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To be fair, the Valve machinimads (?) are pretty funny, and the pack it comes in is a pretty decent buy. [NOT VALVEIST]
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I thought the music and the malaise were quite charming.

And by charming, I mean French.
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Am I the only one who finds those little ads really disturbing? Those characters are complete sociopaths. And what's with the cutesy severed limbs? It's like Happy Feet meets American Psycho. Blech. I'm supposed to have empathy for them? I'm supposed to be OK with a bunch of kids spending hours pretending to be them? And I'm expected to buy this pap if I want HL2:E2?
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wow, when the scout comes in, it's like watching a movie about how overpowered the flamethrower class is.

kind of amazing how realtime can now look as good as some of the pre-rendered older movies did.
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Dude, no offense - it's a gas (get it? get it? get it?), well made and funny and psycho in a lot of ways poweredbybeard mentions which I agree with... And I enjoyed it, with those reservations.

But it's still an ad. [NOT ADIST]
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Absolutely brilliant.
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There was an interview with the person at Valve who directed this project a few weeks ago where he described how the highly stylized artwork grew out of the game play. In essence the violence and unrealistic combat looked stupid with ultra realistic graphics, so they decided to use cell shading and go completely over the top.

If you do not approve of this terrible violence then I suggest you do not support the company that makes it and if you don't want children playing it then read the fucking ratings and don't let kids play it under your supervision.
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Oh powerdbybeard, TF2 isn't about empathy, it's about lulz. It's morally equivalent to Tom and Jerry.
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Brilliant. I was just thinking about 2fort the other night, in a quiet nostalgic sort of way.
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Metafilter TF2 Group.
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Metafilter: It's not about empathy, it's about lulz.
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Links 2-5 are all explicitly ads, as they are valve-created content designed to promote the game.

Why is #1 an ad? It's a short film made by an independent artist set within a context using certain tools. Are all movies ads for movie cameras?
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Yes, they are ads, but they are bloody brilliant ads.
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A beautiful lamentation about being a single player in a multiplayer-less world ... this fanboy was touched in a very legal way.

[ damn those environments look awesome, ACME-made heaven! ]
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Meta: it seems that we shouldn't be posting artwork of any kind to the Blue anymore, because artists are just benefiting commerically from the exposure.

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TF2 revived the fun of multi-player FPS for me. And the over the top cel-shaded animation made the violence cartoony... pretty much on par with, as mentioned, classics like Tom & Jerry and the entire Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny animation stable.

It certainly is amusing when you get blown up by a rocket that the freeze frame zeroes in on your killer and in the corner a little sign saying "your spleen" points to a bloody pulp on the ground.
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Oh, and the machinima was pretty good, if a bit long.
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I've been describing it to friends as "playing a 50's cartoon. With guns..."

And the film made me think of a few people I've already played with...
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Like I said in the Metalk thread: Dear lordy I love this game. It's more pure fun than I've had in online FPS gaming since probably Quake 3's heyday, 6 years ago or so, and I've tried them all.

I'm looking forward to more (hopefully amusing) machinima with the engine -- they've done some really nice things with Source and the Facial Modeling stuff this time 'round.
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(Also, I liked this linked movie a lot. The cow fart gag made me laugh, but I'm a big kid when it comes to fart jokes.)
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stavros, you were not alone in laughing at that.

I added this little movie to my favorites earlier this afternoon. I play Pyro a lot when I get time with TF2, so this was awfully cute.

As far as TF2 goes, it's highly enjoyable. I love the over the top cartoonishness. It's just that much more fun.
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I play a lot too, in fact just stopped a moment ago. My tag in game is ">>" and I'm usually a medic. I'm pretty good :)
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">>" is better than many tags I've seen in these types of games. I think I may have actually seen you once. I don't have my own account, I play on my boyfriend's.
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Ah ha! I'm an idiot! I mis-read and thought the first link was the precursor of the subsequent links.

Now I know the error of my ways. (Until next time, which should be about, oh, ten minutes from now.)
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OK, in the first link, when the scout runs out of resupply, waits for impending doom, then heads back to the resupply only to find the flamethrower waiting in there with a shottie... That moment was pure gold, and I couldnt stop laughing! Thanks for the link, I am definitely going to have to check this game out.
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