New SyHersh video intvu
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Life the universe and US foreign policy explained by the god father of investigative journalism.
posted by hortense at 7:45 PM on October 10, 2007

I could have watcheed and listened all night. The first video in a long time, I didn't want to end. The scary part: "We write less tha we know".
posted by Xurando at 9:18 PM on October 10, 2007

"much less than we know"
posted by Xurando at 9:27 PM on October 10, 2007

Seymour Hersh is a great man and we are lucky to have him.
If only our leadership had half as much intelligence and compassion as Seymour Hersh.
posted by dougzilla at 11:41 PM on October 10, 2007

I thought it was a good interview, but it left me wondering how Hersch, or any other top line reporter can be sure that this administration, one of the most locked down in American history, isn't playing with them. It's clear Hersch and the New Yorker try to do the highest level of responsible journalism, while still looking into a future that's still being planned. But he's in a chess game, every day, with people who are cynical enough to play him, and tough enough, I think, to try, when the time is right.

At some point, even the energetic, experienced Hersch hits walls of time and energy, in a story as big as Iraq, never mind its meaning for a looming U.S./Iranian military conflict, which is now constant in his thoughts. He's clearly proud of his access to high level sources, and their reliability, and perhaps justifiably so. But when he responds that what Iran wants from the U.S. in exchange for negotiating on its nuclear program is "Love. Respect. Etc." I wonder how much he feels he can't say, to protect still deeper sources.

Fascinating to hear his details of current U.S. technical and human intelligence efforts in Iran, too. But if true, such details raise again the question "Why can't we find OBL?"

Good post, hortense.
posted by paulsc at 12:01 AM on October 11, 2007

Here is a partial transcript.
posted by dougzilla at 12:02 AM on October 11, 2007

[I love this man]
posted by hadjiboy at 4:49 AM on October 11, 2007

Thanks hortense!
posted by eddydamascene at 5:28 AM on October 11, 2007

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