Brandon Hardesty
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Brandon Hardesty [wiki, previously] is a comic actor who is best known for his movie re-enactments and his appearance on a Geico commercial (for which he was well compensated). He asked his thousands of YouTube fans for scene requests. He has now (despite a recent bout with mono) completed performances of the top five five winners: 5: Clerks, 4: Fight Club, 3: Full Metal Jacket, 2: Reservoir Dogs and 1: Pulp Fiction. [YouTube unless otherwise noted]

Hardesty's other re-enactments include The Shining, Harvey, As Good as it Gets, Jurassic Park and Planes Trains and Automobiles. In addition, his performances include a couple original characters, strange faces, impressive piano and some fun with friends. My personal favorite remains his re-enactment of Goodfellas.
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Kid actually looks a bit like Chris Penn.
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The best ones are the clips where he's not focusing on timing and blocking, and just nailing the dialog. Specifically Reservoir Dogs and Clerks. The Clerks clip is great because he perfectly mimics the terrible acting that made clerks so great.
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He nails these. Talented man, that one.
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His Lee Emery is terrifying. As is his Steve Buscemi.
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me likey
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Cute but (sorry), the editing/camera/eyelines keeps distracting me.

He won't look himself in the eye! The angles are often odd to make it so we see only one person/character at a time. And there are times where he jumps across the 180 deg line (a filmschool thing where you feel disoriented because the camera has jumped somewhere too far away, reversing where you'd expect objects to be.)
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I liked the Fight Club one best, his Raymond K. Hessel is good. The Pulp Fiction one just didn't click for me, maybe it was the beard. The bits after the scenes, where he's getting snacks, are funny too: Well I take my bag of grapes, and I go downstairs, and I eat the whole bag...where is my mind.
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I really liked his Ocean's Eleven because he somehow manages to capture the very tiny differences in character and style between Clooney and Pitts without even saying anything. He actually looks like Brad Pitt at one point--how does he do that??
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This guy is great. My personal fave is his Star Trek: First Contact.

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This is awesome. Oddly enough, I liked the Unconventional Dance Moves more than the spoofs.
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which you linked... heh
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I love this guy. He's got a real knack for what he does.
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Very good, very nice.
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He completely nailed that line....
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Man, his Jack Nicholson impression is way better than Christian Slater's.
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Ya beat me to it! I was going to post about Brandon's stuff some time ago, but I was going to wait until the Pulp Fiction bit was up. Oh well, I'm glad he's getting some attention.

This is the kind of thing that really makes me love YouTube, or at least the potential it can have. Bravo, Brandon!
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Pretty impressive, but he couldn't shoot in a parking lot for FIght Club?
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Outdoor lighting is much harder than indoor lighting.

Nice job, those are fun to watch.
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Holy fuck the Pan's Labyrinth one is fucking awesome. Fucking Awesome.
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I especially enjoy reading the director's notes on his older videos, like this one from The Shining:

I used two halves of a peanut to represent the chaos that is Shelly Duvall's mouth.
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