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First she was a dancer but after an injury she had to sing to make a living. She still dances a little during her songs (a rare feat among flamenco cantaoras). I first heard about her when she made a whole record (cd) of Edith Piaf's songs in spanish. You can get a taste here. She talks about it here (spanish + french, excerpts). She sang les feuilles mortes too. But nothing equals seeing her, I think : so here she is with two covers from a recent documentary : a song by Edith Piaf, a song by Lola Flores. Btw, If you get into french songs in the flamenco idiom, try this.
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I had not heard of Ana Salazar before today. Watching the videos, I was struck by her abilities, beauty, and charisma. Thank you, nicolin, for posting this!
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I am glad that someone sensible has now commented, so I can get on and post my first reaction from some while back: sex on a stick!
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Nice post. Thanks for sharing; I had never heard of her.
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Nicolin. I should have guessed. I'm still playing your caracola de mar track, trying to fully grok the audience response. (But I'm still playing ALL you tracks; you have your own playlist on my iPod nano. The Mediterranean meshes well with the electricity-less silence out off the island of the Key West night.)
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