Through a glass . . . lovely
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A day by day account of the progress of the manufacturing of 12 Glass Windscreen panels by artist Mario Muller. The pieces are a commission by the MTA Arts in Transit program for Kingsbridge Road station in the Bronx. The work is being done at Franz Mayer of Munich in Germany. More on the artist here and here.
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Neat! It’s not quite the same thing, but I once went to a glass-blowing shop and watched the highly trained professionals make Christmas ornaments in a blazing furnace. Stuff like this makes me wish I were a glazier.
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nice! we have some great art hidden away at various stations.

this has all the permanent stuff, by line: MTA Arts for Transit site
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Subway Art Guide - very thorough.
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Nice post!

The MTA allocates about 1% of their budget to maintaining and expanding the art in their system. This article in "public art online" looks at how and why transportation agencies do this.
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Hee. "Giant wench." That decides me -- I'm going to glass-blowing school!
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