Japanese USB drives
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The challenge, take the usb drive to new levels, you may have seen the mimobot usb drives, pretty hip but perhaps only Japanese-influenced since manufacturer Mimico is Boston based. The true Japanese usb style is undeniably unbalanced, por ejemplo: The USB Chameleon (video), the Self-destruction USB hub (video), the USB motorcycle engine hub (video), and no movie here but you will be happy to know that the Kore Janai robot USB drive is the "perfect cool toy" with the uncool appearance. Full context found here
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Kore Janai Robot is now a flash memory! The uncool feelings are still there!
posted by monju_bosatsu at 9:10 PM on October 15, 2007

I'm very disappointed that the chameleon didn't change color to blend into its surroundings. Now THAT would be a cool usb drive (but hard to find!)
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I like those, but these are still my faves. (can't afford them, though!)
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I thought the chameleon would be a USB drive disguised as something inconspicuous like a USB to PS/2 adapter. That'd be kinda cool.
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A clip-on lizard? There are, like, a million better reasons to to plug something into your laptop. A night-light. A battery recharger. A timer circuit. A lava lamp. But a wobbly engine and a lizard with goo-goo eyes? Lame.
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