Uli's Novel of Roy in Clingfilm
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Roy Orbison in cling film ... and now, in print. "Any self-respecting bookshop should have a Clingfilm Wrapping section and the book will most likely be located there." Confused? Read the original story, followed by MeFi's first encounter (of many) with this phenomena in 2003.
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This is the greatest thing I have ever read. Even better than the stories by that guy on usenet who writes about beautiful women farting on cakes.
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Film and video game rights are available! I wonder if the Portal guys could be interested.
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Reads like something out of Donald Barthelme.
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In the first world war trenches, he must wrap Roy in clingfilm to protect him from a gas attack.

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Manah manah.
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A sad and somewhat strange thing happened. Somehow since 2003 when I first saw this I have managed to allow myself to forget it's a spoof. So until today whenever I thought of it, I put it in the genre of serious Roy-Orbison-in-clingfilm fiction. I must not have thought about it very hard. But why is it so impossible? Why must life be so ceaselessly bleak? Why must we live in a world where there can never really be a European gentleman more than a little interested in wrapping Roy Orbison in clingfilm? Why? I am grief-stricken today.

On the other hand, reading these again is nearly worth the anguish. They are so super. Consider the one where Christo unaccountably (...oder?) fails to show up in Dusseldorf to wrap the statue of Prince Jan Wellem in a white sheet and the protagonist offers his services with the clingfilm whereupon it is discovered that the statue of Prince Wellem is in no fit state to be seen...

"...'But the crowd!' says the aide. 'If nothing is to be wrapped today they will tear us limb from limb.'

'Then logically some substitute will have to be wrapped but I cannot think what.'

'If I might make a suggestion,' I offer. 'It strikes me that we do not just have one landmark here today but also another - a pop cultural landmark.' I bow to Roy.

'That is so. You will wrap Roy Orbison in clingfilm at once.'

'If Roy does not object?'

'I do not object,' says Roy. 'Begin.'"
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It's a spoof?

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This is the best thing on the internet, full stop. I cannot believe I missed it the previous times around.
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The cake is a lie.

Farted on by beautiful women or not.
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i was less upset when i found out father christmas didn't exist.
i shall buy the book, and read it to my children as fact.
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i have loved those roy orbison in clingfilm stories for a long time but never knew they were a spoof. but i guess i don't really care, because they're stlll astounding. or, i guess i agree wholeheartedly with don pepino.
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Spoof? Hell, I thought it was non-fiction.
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Roy Orbison wrapped me* in cling-film

*not me
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you ruined my day don pepino.
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Wrapped to death.
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It always starts the same way.
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I think I've just discovered a 'being psychoanalysed by Sandra Bullock' fetish.
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I picked up my copy of the novel today - the bookshop (Waterstones in Brighton) said they'd been selling really well. It lives up to the standard set by the short stories.
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