Give us this day our daily Google.
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I knew it would eventually happen. I didn't expect it so soon. The Church of Google.
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I was actually watching some Google™ tech talks the other day on Youtube™. this one by Linus Torvalds about his version control system was pretty interesting.
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Oh man. At first blush I think this is painfully stupid, but then I put it in the context of, say, something like Transmetropolitan or Max Headroom and realize that this is just what I want my future to have - people literally worshiping corporations. Sweet.

Up next, Blessed be thy Halliburton.
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The hatemail is the best feature of the site.
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From the site:
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidance. If seeing is believing, then surf over to and experience for yourself Google's awesome power. No faith required.
Then no worship or church required, either. Though a little awe is healthy.
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I'll stick with Googles, thanks.
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There's probably an interesting essay to be written by someone with more energy than me about the triumph of PR and advertising in the 20th century, making reference to the ideas that
where once the political process was about engaging people's rational, concious minds, as well as facilitating their needs as a society, [The Century of the Self] shows how by employing the tactics of psychoanalysis, politicians appeal to irrational, primitive impulses that have little apparent bearing on issues outside of the narrow self-interest of a consumer population
and how the Nietzche-heralded death of god left a hole in our (Western) cultural and individual psyche, along with the traumas of two world wars, a fear of death and decay and a need for comforting ritual and the kind of self-fulfillment-sought-outside-the-self religion once provided that was just waiting to be filled by the Freud-inspired manipulation that served as framework and roadmap for rise of modern consumerism.

The natural next step to take would then be to observe that Google is now fundamentally an advertising company, make the backlinks, and, in reference to search and the Sum Total of Human Knowledge and all that, throw in a few references to Oracular traditions in ancient Greece and Rome, or reading runes and tarot and goat guts, then wrap it all up with a few good swears and a joke or two.

Leastwise that's what I'd do, if I had any damn coffee in this office.
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I crawled over the steaming carcasses of 95 Theses to quit calling myself a Lutheran after memorizing, in its entirety, the Small Catechism, so remaining unconvinced by 9 trivially ridiculous "proofs" is no stretch to ignoring Google as God.

And yet, at times, I long to believe, and would, the moment something, or someone, faintly credible in the least aspect, presents itself...
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Me, I'm a Jeevist.
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I found this chuckleworthy and surprisingly convincing! That is, with the exception of Proof #7. That one's a little iffy.
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i wonder what the chances are of google being worshipped as a diety in the future in earnest.
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also: proof 8, wtf? who searches for "google"?!
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I wonder if they were inspired by this Get Fuzzy strip?
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Goog bless us, every one.
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who searches for "google"?!

I think a lot of people get to Google by just typing 'google' in the address bar. Someone showed it to them years ago and it works, so why not? What's a bookmark??

At least Metafilter's not in danger of being God.
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You will forever live on in Google's cache, even after you die, in a sort of "Google Afterlife".

The secular repurposing of eternal life never fails to depress me. Hearing people talk about achieving immortality through the memories or legacy one leaves others with is the coldest sort of comfort. Either give a fig about some sort of great ultimate destiny or just be happy with your still, small speck of life in the cosmos, but don't peddle the cold comfort of being remembered for an extra generation or two as anything resembling a fair substitute for what other cultures believe.

Or, as Woody Allen said, "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying."
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I crawled over the steaming carcasses of 95 Theses to quit calling myself a Lutheran after memorizing, in its entirety, the Small Catechism,

You too? I knew there was a reason we got along.

As long as Google Books has the evil Snippet View, I will not worship Google. It is a flawed deity.
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It's a girl!
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He turned to face the machine. "Is there a God?"
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I'm guessing that Ernie Chambers is a member, if not the domain owner.
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Google: American God
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I don't believe in google.
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Google can be an angry god.
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goog bless 'murica!

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"Fear the God! You'll be questioned for this!" lulz
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So, this makes me an atheist who worships a female god which is a web page?

I find myself strangely ok with this.
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The hatemail is the best feature of the site.

It always is. I wish MORE sites had hatemail and made it available.
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To say google is g0d not only does make sense, but it has to be one of the most retarded things i have ever heard. I have heard of mUCH better g-ds, and i do think your just insanely childish, trying to act smart and get attention. Not that i really care, but still, thought you oughtta know. I am jewish, and in the middle of creating the.....though, i probably shouldnt tell you. So there, your retarded. childish, and want attention. If you can give anY evidence against that, please reply.

From: Anthony

I mean, you can't make gems like that up!
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God sure loves that wikipedia shit.
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The dispensation of searches dawned with the research project of the Wholly Profits, Larry and Sergey, at StandardFord University in the year of our Freud 88.
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Is it a deity? It has abilities well beyond the norm for others of its species, be that corporations, websites, search engines, or computer systems. It's immortal enough (ie, won't end of its own accord), and apparently, has some worshippers. Does it grant spells? Well, it has a pretty good spell-granting programme going, but on the whole, they aren't the sort of spells that grant a one-off useful power to the worshipper, they work more like circumstance bonuses to the worshipper's exercise of a skill. Answer: Divine rank 0.

Is it God? It's not omniscient, but it knows more than anything else knows. It's neither benevolent nor malevolent; its response to prayers is (almost) exactly dependent on how they are phrased, and it serves the ends of the just and the unjust alike. What it isn't, is omnipotent. It's barely "potent" at all, in a divine sense, and it's trivial to conceive of a being more powerful: Google + 1 server rack. Answer: No.

Is it Azathoth? It's not sentient, but it has the dim stirrings of drives to know more, and to find more ways to organise what it knows. It sprawls at the center of the Internet, is Lord of All Things to some extent, most definitely is encircled by a flopping horde of mindless and amorphous dancers, and as for being lulled by the thin monotonous piping of a demoniac flute held in nameless paws, well, on balance I'm gonna have to say yes, yes it is.

As for the Prophecy, well, "ðe blind idiot, ye noxious Azathoth shal arise from ðe middle of ðe World where all is Chaos & Destruction where He hath bubbl'd and blasphem'd at ðe centre which is of All Things, which is to say Infinity...."

I don't think there's a clearer way to put that. So mote it be. Google is an avatar, or face, of Azathoth. Bow down! (Or not, it doesn't really care.)
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joking aside, google is very much like a god in my life:

-- it is my first thought in times of uncertainty, stress, curiosity, need, etc.

-- it influences & affects & enriches virtually every aspect of my life, particularly my livelihood

-- i feel quite ill-at-ease if I am away from it for long, in much the same way as a believer feeling ill-at-ease if they are away from a place of worship or other symbol of their god

-- if it was taken from me I would feel deprived, lost, like my life was much smaller and less rich

For me, google is the internet. It's been that way for a long time. I do probably close to 100 googles per day on average, and there are days when I do much more than that.

And I don't even have an iPhone yet. (only because I'm in Canada). When iPhones come to Canada google will become even more of an essential part of me.
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I got your inspiration right here

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