Dog First Aid Kit - Required Items
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Dog First Aid Kit A breeder writes a list of must-have items that should be included in all First Aid Kits for dogs.
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Metafilter: You rub it on the behind before inserting it.
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Dog First Aid Kit. Contents:

- One (1) card bearing this inscription: Nobody thinks it is cute when you refer to the dog as your "baby".
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36 items. Perfect for one of those large tupperware storage tubs. You can store it on the bottom of the pile in the back of the garage.
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Sure, 36 items seems like a lot. But there's a lot of this that should be in any normally equipped adult household -- scissors, tweezers, penlight, etc etc. And there's a bunch of other stuff that you'd want for human first aid anyway -- hydrogen peroxide, bandages, tape, ointment, and so on.

And there's other stuff on the list that you probably don't need to have on hand unless you live in the Alaskan bush -- if your dog is constipated, then more or less by definition there's time to go to the store and buy a can of pumpkin.

The amount of stuff that a normal adult would go need to buy to have on hand is pretty small. An extra thermometer for the dog, styptic powder or pencil, some syringes, and dog-specific remedies.
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Good tip : to make a makeshift muzzle, cut the toe off of a pair of socks. Slip over snout and you can give CPR through the nose. Also, your local Red Cross probably offers canine CPR classes. Think about taking one.
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Also if you have a deep chested breed that is prone to bloat, Gas-X may buy you some extra time on your way to the vet. (Bloat is a deadly condition in dogs and requires immediate vet assistance, do not use gas-x to skip going to the vet)
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Very useful list - but I was a little squicked by ky jelly on the list. Sorry, there is no emergency that I can think of where I would want to be that close to my pets!
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36 items. Perfect for one of those large tupperware storage tubs.

37 items then, if the first 36 don't work.
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Wha hey now... a can of pumpkin?
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Ha, google returned tons of hits. Never thought of a dog first aid kit.
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Cat First Aid Kid:

1) 1 Dog First Aid Kit
2) Complete body-armor (for yourself).
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maryh -- pumpkin makes the widdle woogums go poopy.

poopy poopy poopy.
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Thanks, CitizenD. My woogums could use some clenchy clenchy clenchy, but I guess that's an askme for the future.
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Thanks, good info. My dog, a golden retriever seems to get gas and bloating, so I will try some of those things. I also keep with me a bottle of MSM. When we take him on trips and if plays too much, his joints get stiff the next day. I just give him an MSM/Glucosomine (or however you spell it) pill and it seems to really help him. The pet stores and pet sections of stores try to sell the joint medication and joint pills for pets at a lot higher prices than what you can buy in the vitamin section for humans. And it is the same stuff.
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JetAPT - for the gas and bloating try raising your dog's food dish onto something so the dog has to stand up on his hind legs to eat. You can also try feeding him less food more often.
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