Country Blues Guitar Filter: Keys to the Highway: Some Country Blues Resources
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CountryBluesGuitarFilter: Keys to the Highway: Some Country Blues Resources --although Weenie Juke Radio is now dead and gone, Weenie Campbell lives on, with forums, guitar lessons and linkage galore. Keys To The Highway lists lyrics and guitar keys and tunings for some notable artists. And the one for the Mississippi Sheiks is a link to the fine country blues music blog Done Gone, which has on its front page list of links just about every prewar, country blues and related site worth linking. As does Weenie Campbell. And at WeenieCampbell there are also some audio lessons in mp3 from the great guitarist and guitar teacher John Miller, these days a resident of my fair city.
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That's an awesome resource Y2K

thanks for the post
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As a learner of guitar styles… wow! Thank you! Incredible!

One comment? That's the blues…
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Excellent post, y2karl - great resources.

This awesome 2008 blues calendar from your first link would make a superb gift for any blues aficionados on a holiday shopping list.

What a music week on mefi! Between this and your last post - and a few other music posts this week - I can see how I'll be spending a large part of my Sunday.
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Upon closer examination, I see John Miller lives in Bellingham and that the audio lessons for sale. My bad.

I went to the weekend concerts of Port Townsend Country Blues Festival a few summers back, the year that Howard Armstrong died. The way it is set up, one can spend a bundle to spend the week and learn from the masters or one can spend a lesser bundle to hear the masters play on the week end.

Howard Armstrong had been an instructor at the Festival a number of times in its early years and he was well known and well loved--and anyone who has ever seen Louie Bluie or Sweet Old Song can appreciated the why of the latter--and the news of his death had came a few days before the weekend concerts.

And, as a consequence, the concerts were like country blues Irish wakes. In the last night's concert, John Miller. who was teaching guitar in the workshops that year, led the audience in a sing along of Bye Bye Blackbird. Which is not exactly a country blues or typical piece of old time sting band music but certainly a song Armstrong would have known and played. He would have loved it.

Those were among the sweetest and saddest minutes of music I have ever heard. I'm not one normally enamored with sing alongs but, man, sometimes when you do sing along, in the right circumstances, you experience something very powerful. There is something owerwhelming about doing something in unison with a large number of like minded and like hearted people. I remember that moment all the time.
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Well, overwhelming, to be sure. Man, I need new glasses.
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