NFL great Max McGee dead at 75
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Max McGee was not expected to play in Superbowl I. He ended up catching 7 catches for 138 yard and two touchdowns including the first ever in Superbowl history. After retiring he became one of the most popular broadcasters the team ever had. He also was one of the founders of Chi-chi's restaurant. He died from a fall on Saturday. He was 75.
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The "popular broadcasters" link has some of his calls from near the end of his career (which included the Packers Superbowl XXXI victory) check them out, he was great.
posted by Bonzai at 12:55 AM on October 21, 2007

I had no idea that Chi-chi's had gone out of business after the Hepatitis outbreak. That's what I got out of this post.
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Fond childhood memories of Chi-chi's, a 'Mexican' restaurant where the spiciest thing on the menu was the cinnamon on the fried ice cream.
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every once in awhile, vince lombardi's packers would lose a game, and the next morning in the locker room, coach lombardi would get back to basics; (holding up football) "this, team, is a football."

and max mcgee would say "not so fast, coach, not so fast."
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I used to go to Chi-chi's in college. I had no idea it had closed either. Fortunately, their corn cake lives on, at least in my kitchen.
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I worked at Chi-Chi's for two years while in high school. It really should have been closed the whole time and I have no idea how the place ever passed health inspection. Granted I have no frame of reference as to the cleanliness of other restaurants, but I thought it was pretty disgusting.
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I remember that, for some mysterious reason, they called their burritos "burros." Isn't that a donkey? So, I'm eating donkey on a tasty flour tortilla?
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Jerry Kramer played for those great 60s Packers teams along with McGee. His book, Instant Replay, was one of my favorite childhood books. Not sure how well it holds up now, but thanks for fond memories, Bonzai.
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At least we still have Chi-Chi's corn cake.
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That Super Bowl catch was one of the most spectacular one-handed grabs you will ever see. There's a lot more about McGee . He hadn't expected to play, much less star in Super Bowl I and he was so hung over he had left his helmet in the locker room.

Truly one of the greats.
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I spent countless fall afternoons listening to Max and Jim Irwin call Packer games.

Thanks, Max!!
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MythMaker, burrito just means little donkey. Supposedly the word originates from Sonora gold miners whose wives packed them lunch in a tortilla package.
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I worked at Chi-Chi's as a bartender for five years, right up until it closed-- And I just found out about Max McGee the week before he died. How random.
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