The Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics
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A Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics, a web-based textbook brought to you by the folks at NASA.

A good place to start is the collection of guided tours. And if you just want to experiment a bit, there are simulators for kites, model rockets, engines, and baseballs, among other things.
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"brought to you by the folks at NASA"

The same folks that brought you Tang, freeze-dried foodstuffs, ear thermometers, ceramic dental braces, Formulaid, and improvements in pacemakers, smoke detectors and paint! Okay, so they didn't bring us Tang. They made powdered drinks more popular! Yay NASA go NASA!
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Great link! Just scheduled my first training flight, some of the information looks very interesting and helpful. Even the basics are clearly written and a good refresher.
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They brought me Tang. Maybe they just don't like you.
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I've lived my entire life thinking Tang was invented for NASA, then I read (I think in the book Failure Is Not An Option which really rocks btw) what actually happened was their medical guys came up with something to send up with the astronauts that had essential nutrients but tasted like crap. One of the astronauts said, "why don't they just use Tang?" and the medical guys were like, "what's Tang?" The rest is history.

However, that's boring to describe every single time. Much easier to just say "NASA invented Tang" and tick off the General Mills people.
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Sure, but the Soviets had the first poontang in space.
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That kite simulator is one of my most favorite things ever. And maybe I shouldn't point out that I used FoilSim for my senior capstone in college.
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But does it cover a plane on a conveyor belt?
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