Global Theme Issue: Poverty
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The Public Library of Science has collected articles about global poverty as part of the Council of Science Editors Global Theme Issue on the subject. While many of the articles listed at the CSE site are not online, some journals, like the American Journal of Nursing have their articles available.
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DERAIL: "a peer-reviewed open-access journal published by the Public Library of Science"

OH NOES! How can they support themselves without precious, precious copyright? They must be commies or something!

RAIL: Good link. I'll be doing some serious reading around there when I get back from work tonight.
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Wow, what a lot to check out. This one is a good quick read for anyone (like me) who can't dip their toes in too deeply right at the moment. They asked a number of people what single intervention would do the most to reduce global poverty. Lots of food for thought there.
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