A History of Pedestrian Crossings
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A history of pedestrian crossings. Complete with exciting Flash simulations! More exciting histories here.
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Needs more out-of-control buses.
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This kind of outrageously trainspotty stuff is why I love the internet. Thank you.
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When I see this sort of article coming up I tend to cross over to the other side
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wow. this guy is really intense. i love foamers like there.
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Holy confusing, Batman! Where I live in Canada, many of our crossings are just like the VERY FIRST one illustrated here. (Others use flashing red lights that require drivers to stop, then proceed when safe.)
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My favorite pedestrian crossing is this one:

Battle Flag of the Pedestrians.
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Once I got hit by a car crossing a residential street because my view of the road was obscured by a bush, and the guy in the car didn’t see the stop sign. But he was cute, and our interaction after I got up and dusted myself off was vaguely flirty, so we somehow ended up going on a date a few days later. Except the date was awful. At one point I found myself waiting in his car (the car) for 20 minutes while he went into a shady house and scored weed for one of his friends.

My moral here is that pedestrian crosses are important, especially important for drivers, and that you shouldn’t go on dates with people who hit you with their cars and ruin your favorite pair of jeans, even if you think it might make a pretty good story to tell later on, like I did just now.
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Three sites were selected for the trial, all busy suburban shopping streets in London: [...] and in Tottenham near Harringay Park Station.

Oooh, I live there! Also home of Britain's first drive thru McDonalds, if you believe Wikipedia. Time to write to the blue plaque people.

(Except it's not in bloody Tottenham)
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Things have come to a pretty pass when finding information about a local road on t'internet makes you excited.
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