Homemade Halloween Candy
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Make your own Halloween candy bars. The take on a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is superb. However, to temper chocolate properly, you'll need an accurate kitchen scale. The behind-the-scenes video is pretty cool.
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Nice post, like the video.

Here is a recipe for pumpkin bread for those of you who can cook.
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And I was just wondering what to do with my evening.
Silly me.
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If you're going to spend that much for a kitchen scale, please spend a little more and get one that is not a gimmick. (Disclosure: I work for a scale company, but not the one linked.)
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Make your own candy corn!
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To hell with kids, I'm making these for myself.
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I don't think you need a scale to temper chocolate. You might need a scale to measure a pound of couverture but you'd be better served with a thermometer for tempering.

Also, I have been told that the easier way to melt & temper choclate is to just melt it in the microwave and then stir in some unmelted choclate until it melts. It's a crystalization type of reaction, so the tempered solid chocolate serves to seed the crystalization correctly.

Having said all that, making your own peanut butte rcups is a great idea. Like, I'm-doing-it-this-weekend great.
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Awesome way to celebrate Halloween. And their bars all look way better than the store versions.

Of course, I couldn't read it without thinking about the beautiful NOKA expose from last year. A must read for anyone wanting to know more about chocolate making.
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Dang, but those peanut butter cups are the product of a straight-up foolish herb. A better peanut-buttery filling is:

1 box confectioner's sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
2 cups crunchy peanut butter
2.5 cups rice krispies

Mix that all up, roll into balls, refrigerate to harden, then dip into a thin coat of chocolate. HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?
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If you are going to make your own candy, why not make something like the stuff on this site . The kids will love you if you hand those out.
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They've been showing episodes of Good Eats on homemade candy recently.
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Don't you know homemade candy is only good for hiding razor blades? How dare you foist this on children?
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"Hey kids. Try my candy. I made it myself."
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as if hiding razorblades weren't enough reason to make them!
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This is good!

I wish; 1) I had time to make candy for trick-or-treaters, and 2) homemade candy would be acceptable by parents in this age of "everyone is out to hurt children, and we must do everything we can to protect them, including being completely insane about every aspect of our children's existence".
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schmegegge, you reminded me... Around this time of year, I keep wanting to go to the grocery store and pick up a bag of apples, and a package of straight razor blades. Just to watch the cashier's reaction.
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The only scale on the market which analyzes the nutritional content of food by portion size for both labeled and unlabelled foods.

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No recipe that talks about a special scale for weighing chocolate and links to this page can be given a difficulty rating of "1." I'm having flashbacks of that old MAD Magazine article about how easy it is to make a coffee table, and it goes into sliding four panels of refurbished aluminum into your industrial sheet press (a simple device that honestly any modern household should have!)

"1" is what you assign to grilled cheese sandwiches.
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XQUZYPHYR: You know how much trouble I have getting butter on the damn bread evenly?
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Don't you know homemade candy is only good for hiding razor blades?

I think this is a great idea. I've always had problems eating razor blades and this will make it much easier and more delicious.

And I am so making the peanut butta cups.
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"1" is what you assign to grilled cheese sandwiches.
I remember when I was six, I loved grilled cheese sandwiches. I woke up one day and wanted one, but my parents were still asleep. Being a fairly analytical child, I knew I had some basic rules in front of me:
  • don't wake the parents
  • Can't touch the stove
I sat in my toybox for awhile, cradling my favorite plastic fire engine, and thought it out. I then crawled out of the toybox, went into the kitchen, carefully opened up the fridge, got out a slice of cheese and the bread. I buttered the bread, assembled my sandwich, and jammed the entire thing into the toaster. The sandwich stuck in the toaster, and started to smolder, setting off the fire alarm and waking up my dad. "What is that OH JESUS FIRE", I remember him saying, grabbing the toaster, ripping the plug out of the wall as he ran outside and threw the kindling appliance onto the sidewalk. I got a spanking with the belt for that one.
A grilled cheese may be a "1" on your scale, but it certainly wasn't on mine that day.
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NO! You are NOT allowed to the old Metafilter house. Their candies are not pre-wrapped!
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While they aren't exactly candy, how about some Vampire Cupcakes?

Much to me and my roommate's disappointment, you need a food processor to make the filling (which we don't have). Hopefully we can think of an alternative before Halloween.
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kosher_jenny: do you have a stick blender, blender, or even a food mill? Hell, if you had the patience you could probably push the cherry pie filling through a sieve.
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My grilled cheese sandwich recipe involves baking bread. But they come out awesome.
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Bread, cheese, butter, cast iron pan. Mix to taste.
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heeeraldo, we're all college students, so: none of the above. ;) The sieve idea sounds good though.
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Also, aublilenon's grilled cheese sandwich looks freakin' delicious.
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Thanks kosher_jenny.

My peanut butter cups are in the freezer right now OH HOLY CRAP THEY'RE READY


Favoriting this FPP now!

(I used those corrugated paper cupcake pants, that I found in mini size, since I didn't have a mini-muffin pan. Worked great. Also dark chocolate. I have no idea if the tempering worked right.)
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