Yet more pics of plants.
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One whose "putrid-smelling blossom attracts herds of carrion beetles" and seven more similar charmers. Some fearsome vegetables. A very lovely "previously." (From Taz, circa 2003.) Some plants that've been given new, animated features and a soundtrack. And finally, this: it has to be the most annoying website in history, but it presents some very nifty ideas for vegetable-based costuming you might be able to use for Halloween, plus Richard Simmons is featured. Click on "fashion" for the lettuce gowns, tomato hats and just all kinda fabulous Carmen Mirandesque madness.
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Whenever I see "parasitic flower" I picture a flower with a human host.
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Good lord that is an annoying website.

Hint to designers everywhere: Creating targets that move while attempting to put the mouse on them is a BAD FUCKING IDEA.
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Well, I did try to warn everyone. I like how the word "design" is actually part of the name of the site and the whole thing is about design and it's by a designer and yet it's the worst-designed thing I have seen that was not a MySpace page.
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This reminded me of Joost Elffers, who creates cute little figures and so on with veggies.
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