Keep on Truckin'
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Go Truckin' with Ina Ray Hutton & her Melodears. The dance craze's name was used as double entendre in the song "Trucking My Blues Away" by Blind Boy Fuller. That song's refrain of "Keep On Trucking" has echoed in comics and music.

(more truckin' music).
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PS -- Ina Ray Hutton was hot.
posted by Bookhouse at 8:52 PM on October 28, 2007

Heh! This is fun! I'd never heard of Ina Ray til now. Thanks for the post.

The Dead sound pretty good in your more clip, too. I think they were at their best around 1972. I always thought they were better with just one drummer (Kreutzmann): the addition of Mickey Hart made much of their subsequent music sound sort of flabby and rhythmically indistinct, IMO.
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The internet is not a truck.

Tubin'. Tubin. Toobin.
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Shout out to CW McCall!
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Hey, good call on the McCall, Ambrosia! You can hear his hit "Convoy" (starts at 1:41) on this clip, from the Hollywood celluloid masterpiece of the same name.
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Can't believe you left out Jack and Jorma (to say nothing of David.)
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