Nicod Lectures
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Since 1993, the Institut Jean Nicod has awarded the annual Jean Nicod Prize to a leading philosopher or cognitive scientist for his or her work in the interdisciplinary study of the mind. The recipient is expected to deliver a series of lectures. The lecture series of this past year's winner, philosopher Stephen Stich, is entitled "Moral Theory Meets Cognitive Science: How Cognitive Science Can Transform Traditional Debates", and is now available online in video form. Also available is the lecture series of the previous year's winner, evolutionary anthropologist Michael Tomasello: "Origins of Human Communication".

The first Tomasello video is not of high quality, but the rest are fine. Other talks associated with the Institut Jean Nicod are here and here. The site hosting the Nicod lectures has a number of other interesting videos; the directory of lectures in English is here. (Lots of lectures on semiotics, it seems.)
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Looks interesting, but are there papers instead of vids anywhere on this site?
posted by DenOfSizer at 4:03 AM on October 29, 2007

No, but the powerpoints used in the lecture are paper-like, and they're downloadable here.
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