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Thangkas! what is a thangka? Look it up in this Encyclopedia of Buddhism pdf then take a tour in Darumsala with Werner Herzog

via Ursi's excellent blog
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The photo gallery in the first link is very nice.
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Thangkas on Buddhanet.

(also, Dharamsala)
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Thangkas for the memories.
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The Circle of Bliss - Buddhist meditational art at the Huntington Archive.
How blessed to have this human body that I may hear the marvellous Dharma! Also rather convenient to have this Internet connection so I can see some very nice related artwork too :)
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Werner Herzog is my hero. After being shot during an interview and being asked if they should leave: "It was not a significant bullet. I am not afraid."

I approve of any post that involves Herzog in any way.
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thanks hortense!
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Beautiful post hortense. Those contemporary thangkas are particularly lovely.

Dashing to work, no time to do anything but skim just now and really looking forward to a better look tonight.

The name of the town in India was phonetically spelled as Darumsala (that's how it's pronounced) but the spelling is either Dharmsala or Dharamsala, which means spiritual refuge, a rest house.

Steps of painting a thangka. More. Always found the pre-paint grids quite fascinating and beautiful.
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I saw this documentary by Herzog, Wheel of Time, that was linked in the post years ago in nyc at the film forum. It was spectacular, and I highly recommend anyone go see it, at least on dvd if it's not screening anywhere near you. Really beautiful. My favorite line, about one of the Dali Lama's bodyguards remaining in the prayer room hours after the Dali had left, when only a handful of german buddhists in track suits were left praying, was "I began to feel sorry for him, guarding nothing from nobody."
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