Hrm, where can I find an idea?
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The Ideas Catalogue is a weird and wacky thing. It features ideas of things, and nothing more. They are for sale, and some have been bought.
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That white on gray splash page confused me. I thought we'd broken it allready.
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talk - action = nothing
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Front of shirt: I am open to the Ideas Catalogue.
Back of shirt: I don't understand the design of the Ideas Catalogue website.
Inside of shirt: Half-Bakery is good, though.
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...ummmmm half bakery.... man, haven't even thought of that site in a long long time....

/Not Idea-ist
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I think it's entirely possible to come up with a good idea and not have either the skills or desire to see it through. It's also entirely possible that there are people that have the skills and desire to carry an idea through but don't have the idea.

That's why the world has things like Venture Capitalists. They have the money to help an idea out.
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Oh, I have an idea!

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It really reminds me of the Jostein Gaarder book "The Ringmaster's daughter". The protagonist comes up with ideas for authors with writers block.

I saw this profiled on a television show tonight. The catalogue is specifically for arty / not quite art kinds of ideas. One of the ideas was for a bookless library, where people organise for enough people to go to the library to hire out every single book there, and then use the empty space for a week, before the books get returned.

Another idea was the "I Heart" (love heart) sticker... it suggests a nameless specific object of the love, but also a generic love.
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I think this is a great idea. To me, this seems like it would be great for writers. I've read tons of books with excellent premises and crappy presentation, and have often wondered how much better the material would have been in the hands of a more capable/focused author. I think it's pretty great that people are willing to part with their ideas, in the hopes of 1) having them realized and 2) helping out somebody else.
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Um, but you can't actually see any of the ideas on the site? It only has a list of the ideas that appear in the catalog? This is really the best of that thing which that guy Tim had an idea for where you wire a whole bunch of computer networks together into one, giant, um, uber-net? Meta-net?

Drezdn: See also crowdsourcing, Cambrian House, and the many other, much better MetaFilter threads on the subject.
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