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Pilkipedia is the only online encyclopaedia and community based around Karl Pilkington, Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais. Includes downloads of all their XFM radio shows from 2001-2005. [via]
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There's no entry for "Orange, Head Like a Fucking".

Incidentally, iTunes and elsewhere have a relatively new Gervais/Pilkington/Merchant podcast available, if you haven't checked recently. It's one that was originally only available on CD at Ricky's tour dates this past year.
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"Were the presents the Three Wise Men bought Jesus for his birthday or for Christmas?"
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My (non-orange-shaped) head is EXPLODING. Nice post.
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LONG LIVE KARL PILKINGTON! He really is the funniest man in Britain.

Includes downloads of all their XFM radio shows from 2001-2005.

I already have these (and they're wonderful), but for the benefit of others, the files can be found by going here. It took some digging to find them.
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After so many years, don't you think that we've been had and "Karl" is just a really well-scripted character/persona? Nobody that strange could actually exist. It's a law of nature or something.
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