And not a sign of The Crypt-Kicker Five....
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Looking for Halloween music, but want to avoid the cliché and overplayed Thriller and Monster Mash? (YouTube Links) Three Halloween "mix tapes" have been posted over at the AMG blog: 1, 2, 3. (Samples included.) Or, here's another option. (Halloween mixtapes were also discussed recently, on AskMefi).
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You can also scroll down a bit.
posted by sleepy pete at 11:21 AM on October 31, 2007

From the top of my head....

Pink Frost by The Chills
Unsolved Child Murder by The Auteurs
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Yeah, I figured the mixtape concept was different enough to deserve its own fpp. :)
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No, it was, I was just adding it. Sorry if it seemed a bit snarky.

I'm glad the Groovie Ghoolies are on there. But what about Death Valley '69? Did I miss that one? I remember when I first saw that (around 12 or 13) and thinking it was one of the greatest videos ever. I also had a poster of Freddy Krueger in my room, so take that for what it's worth.
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Here's an interesting Halloween Mashup album thingy:

I like the first track.
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I've just been listening to the Misfits. Lots and lots of Misfits.

...and the Monster Mash.
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wouldn't samhain be better, Pope Guilty?
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i just play Diamanda Galas. that can scare the pants offa anyone. it never fails. (also a nifty way to drive unwanted people out of any place of employment when you want to close up and go home.)
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My god, without misfits and the damned, a halloween comp has no credibility. Seriously. My Chemical Romance? Go straight to the girls locker room.
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Or you could check out Rhino's New Wave Halloween which features Ministry in their Depeche Mode wannabe days.
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Okay, seriously? Where the hell is Screamin Jay Hawkins - I Put a Spell On You ? That song is awesome and no one does creepy voice like Screamin Jay.

Listen! NOW dammit!
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sleepy pete, no problem. :)

Man, I haven't seen that video in years!
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Diplo's got two Halloween-themed podcasts you can grab from Mad Decent's iTunes site...
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If you're into modern rock, this local radio station is actually playing a really diverse set of halloweeny tunes, and it's being DJ'd by Satan.
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In honour of Halloween this year, I am playing E Nomine's Finisteris. Wonderfully gothic, dark and with great beats. You have to love it.
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