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Spooky halloween sounds via wfmu. "Talk about a budget label classic! I was first introduced to this LP by Jack Diamond. Side 1 is pretty standard horror sounds, but Side 2 is where the magic is found! I love these remarks by a friend which pretty much sums it up: "Side 2 of this album is unlike other Halloween sound effect records floating around in that it is all theremin! And get a load of those track titles?! It sounds as if someone let a 5 year old kid noodle around for a while. It's super scary!"
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I jumped to the middle of side two, and my cat puffed up and flew out of the room. Super scary to cats apparently.
posted by Mr_Zero at 4:13 PM on October 31, 2007

Side 2 is cracking me up. "A 5 year old kid noodling" is right, and for some reason I find it hilarious. Thanks for posting this.
posted by erikgrande at 4:33 PM on October 31, 2007

Cool stuff. Although, sadly, my cats didn't react similarly.
posted by slogger at 4:34 PM on October 31, 2007

Listening to side 2 right now. It's hilarious! A perfect use for the theremin. It's like the theremin was invented for this record.

And Beware of the Blog is the best website in the history of the universe.
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Exactly what I needed for the Halloween front porch tonight. Thanks!
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Goddamn I love WFMU. Thanks.
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Thanks for this. Right-click, Save As, Load Playlist, Play, Repeat. Sides one and two played throughout tonight's trick-or-treating extravaganza. After about 2 hrs of this you get inside the theremin and discover the most subtle of nuances in this master interpretation. After 4 hours paint begins to peel. Fun!
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It works on dogs too, not just cats. I had it playing in a vain attempt to lure trick or treaters to the door and my dogs about went nuts. Brilliant - I should save it for those (extremely rare) circumstances when I really want my dogs to bark like crazy and run around in confused circles looking for the weird noise. The only other time they ever reacted like this was when I played them a sound from an AskMe thread that consensus decided (and I am too tired to look up) was a fox. Theremin - fox: you be the judge.
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Experience has shown that if a 5-year-old kid is allowed to noodle around with a theremin he'll just grab hold of the antenna and listen to it squeal.
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