Love is a burning thing.
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"The spirit of June Carter overshadows me tonight with the love she had for me, and the love I have for her. We connect somewhere between here and heaven." Johnny Cash's last performance on July 5, 2003 at the Carter Family Fold. Folsom Prison Blues, I Walk The Line, and Ring Of Fire.
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Lotta Johnny round these parts as of late. No problem with that, though!

Folsom Prison Blues, 1959.
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Man I love Johnny Cash, I got a little teary. That's awesome. I sure hope you're restin' easy with June somewhere.
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That was so sad and yet so wonderful.

I know I'm really filling in my own story here, but it always seemed to me that after June passed he lost his will to live and just wanted to leave the proverbial Dodge. That's hard for me to understand, but if one is to believe the his words and the words of those close to him, well...Goddamn, did he love that woman with a passion most of us could only hope to know, let alone express...

The duality of the "badman" mixed with someone who was so emotionally devoted to those he cared about is a large part of what made JR so special to me.
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Johnny went down to the crossroads with Robert Johnson, can't you hear it?
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Thanks for a great find. BOTW.
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I saw him & June play together at the Del Mar Fair once. At one point they did a medley of Lynyrd Skynyrd with their son (who was wearing a confederate Skynyrd shirt -- it was clearly a father/son bonding thing).

Best day at the fair. Ever.
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That clip that flapjax linked, now that is truly Johnny at his best. The main linked videos are awesome as here is the man at the end, very aged, racked with disease, and yet he makes a noise that few if any living musicians today could match. However, the '59 Folsom Prison clip is raw power, raw, raw power. Wow. It's a post crossroads visit, no doubt. Jesus save, sorry Lucifer.
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dropped this - "s"
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EarBucket FTW. Favorited.
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Wow! Beautiful.
It brought sweet tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting this.
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Never trust a man who doesn't like Johnny Cash.
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I remember in 1994 or 95... Johnny Cash shared a stage with Beck at Emo's in Austin during SXSW. We couldn't get in, because that show was packed with industry badges like no other show I have ever seen.

But it was before the more stringent city noise ordinances went in, and we just sat on the curb outside (it's an outdoor stage) and listened...listened...

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He died in September 2003, aged 71.

Damn, he could still play that guitar.

The guy filling in on lead was no Luther, though.
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You watch "I Walk The Line" from 2003, then you watch this from 1959. That's almost 45 years between the two, and if you look at his face in both performances, you can't help but understand what "timeless" means when referring to music.

Plus, he seems to have much more of a sense of humor in 2003 than in 1959, despite his physical condition. Oh, and he couldn't hit the low note in 1959, either.

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Also, this is delightful.
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Never trust a man who doesn't like Johnny Cash.

My iPod is full of his music, and I'm a fan. My wife, however, finds his voice grating and prefers to listen to Genesis.

Did I make a mistake?

just kidding, honey!

the lamb is lying down in Jackson...
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My wife, however, finds his voice grating

Ahh, the voice, the human voice. Who will be drawn to one voice, or repelled by another, and why? It's very mysterious, and in this mystery lies the beauty of human musical communication. Johnny Cash is an interesting example, since he is, by no usual standard definition, a "good singer". He has very little range, his is not a particularly versatile voice. There's very little variation in his vocal style, his delivery. But the human honesty, the weight behind his delivery, is deep. I love to hear him sing, but it has more to do with his personality, and what he stands for, musically, than his voice itself. Also, though, for me, here is where the singer as songwriter is most important, most crucial. I don't really think I could enjoy most of Cash's recordings nearly as much as I do if I didn't know that he wrote the songs he's singing.

Leonard Cohen, Stuart Staples (Tindersticks), Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and Richard Thompson are some other singers, for example, who I have, to some degree or other, the same feeling about.
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Listening to late Cash makes any red-blooded man well up inside.

It's something woman just can't understand.
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Okay, I'd like to preface this comment by saying two things: one, I love Johnny cash; two, I'm no loony audiophile. Yeah, I prefer records to CDs, but I own an iPod, and I listen to MP3s. But am I really the only one who finds the audio quality of YouTube to be so atrocious as to be completely unlistenable? The quality of the link in Flapjax's first comment is better than the main link, granted, but it still sounds like a 32 kbps MP3 to me. I see tonnes of lengthy YouTube music posts around here all the time, and I just can't enjoy them. Do you all really not notice this, or do you notice, and just not care? I'm honestly curious.
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I guess I notice if I think about it, but I don't care. Maybe I'm used to it because I listen to little cheap radios all the time.
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Thanks for posting these.
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It's something woman just can't understand.

That is a pantload.
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My sister was at this concert. She wasn't sure who he was at the time, she just remembered the old man who sang Ring of Fire. I still haven't forgiven her, but now, through the magic of the internet and Metafilter, I have my revenge. Many thanks!
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It's something woman just can't understand.

*quite* the pantload.

thanks so much for posting this, earbucket.
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