An fine gallery of fine mustachios
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An excellent resource for connoisseurs of facial hair that is firmly above-the-lip. Also good for people interested in amusing blogs, vintage photography and glossaries.

My first post ever! I hope I didn't break anything.
Link thanks to The Morning News and their wonderful headlines.
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Bonus mustache fun: World Beard & Moustache Championship 2007
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MUSTACHES!!!!!! I love facial hair so hard.
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Oh my goodness. Germans certainly take their facial hair seriously...
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Relevant self-link.
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The second annual Mustaches for Kids growing season is just around the corner, Chicagoans!
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Great timing -- in just a few hours (CST), it'll be Movember.
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Related: Beards Over Babies
and the t-shirt.
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" MUSTACHES!!!!!! I love facial hair so hard.
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I knew this facial hair would come in handy someday.
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Who wants a mustache ride?

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I can't grow a mustache. Can't do it. I get the trashy 13-year-old boy-couple-of-dark-hairs thing going, but it doesn't look like an actual mustache. The rest of my facial hair grows in fine; really evenly, it'll grow as thick as you want it, just not the mustache. So I resort to shaving the area above my lip and going with an Abe Lincoln sort of deal.

And, basically, I hate mustaches and the people who have them. Mostly out of jealously. Bastards.
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But today isn't Monday.
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For some reason I feel compelled to comment in this thread.
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Oh dear, davey_darling, your very nice mustache is marred by encroaching neckbeard. Don't let your facial hair connect to your chest hair, no one wins that game.
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No discussion of moustaches would be complete without mentioning perhaps the most famous moustache of all time.

And, uh, Godwin.
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I grew a goatee 'tache combination years ago and never looked back. Though you have to be extra careful with those typo when looking for advice on the web, unless you a real surprise...
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Props to cog_nate for mentioning Movember. If you ever wanted a good excuse to grow the porn star/clark gable/plumbers/handlebar moustache, how about raising money for research into prostate cancer and depression in men?
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Once, a few years ago, I decided to grow my moustache as large as I was able to. I didn't realize at the time that I would in fact be able to grow it pretty much without limit. I stopped at about the time I had it six inches past the corners of my mouth. It was very inconvenient: I used a special "moustache net" to hold it back when eating, and grooming it took a full tube of (rather expensive) moustache wax every couple of weeks. Eventually I trimmed it back to large-normal.

Still have a souvenir of it though: a couple of 7" long moustache hairs I saved, and one photo of me looking very Salvador Dali
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Why does everybody in old photographs have beady eyes?
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