Healing power
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A day in the life of Abdullah Ibrahim, South-African composer and performer who creates hypnotic and softly singing grooves. To me, his recent piano trios are the highlights of his work, because they are both swinging and soulful. But his compositions do not sound bad in a big band setting -(or in an arrangement for guitar). His music is quiet and meditative but powerful, and has sometimes been used as a banner for freedom and equality. Now he likes to withdraw once in a while to the smallest scenes (french commentary with some english underneath), putting strong emphasis on necessary simplicity. Written portrait.
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A French broadcast about a South-African jazz composer.

Jazz has got to be far and away America's most successful export. What other product has gotten so deep into the soul of other cultures?

Ibrahim is the real deal.
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Sublime--thanks, nicolin!
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Oh yeah...I love Dollar Brand...
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Hey cool--this is why I love MeFi. Never heard of this dude.
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Fantastic. Thanks for posting this.
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