March 28, 2001
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Separated at birth: The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum and The United States Army Aviation Museum. Air and Space being the original.
posted by Taken Outtacontext (7 comments total)
I don't think these are the same thing at all. Why should the existence of the Smithsonian, intended to celebrate the artistic, scientific and technical achievements of the nation, preclude the existence of any other museum on a similar topic? In this case, they're dedicated to the history of not even just the air force, but Army aviation -- a subject certain to get short shrift almost anywhere else.
posted by dhartung at 10:34 AM on March 28, 2001

You don't notice a certain.... similarity between these two sites?
posted by bug at 10:40 AM on March 28, 2001

Right. It's not the content, it's the design.
posted by Taken Outtacontext at 10:50 AM on March 28, 2001

Check out the Wright Bro's plane. Same photo, but reversed! Pixel-for-pixel... my goodeness.

Huh, but the Army Aviation site has a lame "BeSeen" counter, and no text-only link...

Sorry, but the Smithsonian wins.
posted by whatnotever at 10:59 AM on March 28, 2001

".. there's no air in space!"
"There's an Air and Space Museum."
--Homer Simpson.
posted by c at 2:45 PM on March 28, 2001

Okay, I see the point now. Has someone already done the honors?
posted by dhartung at 8:04 PM on March 28, 2001

Of what? Informing the Smithsonian? They know and, in fact, let others know. I believe they said they were in the process of redesigning their site and weren't going to make a fuss about it. Heard that secondhand.
posted by Taken Outtacontext at 7:55 AM on March 29, 2001

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