Selected aviation safety incidents
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Check out NASA's "CALLBACK" publication online. Drawing from the "Aviation Safety Reporting System", a way for pilots to voluntarily report aviation safety incidents while providing some protection from the FAA, CALLBACK recounts some of the most common, and some of the most esoteric, incidents that pilots run in to. It's geared more toward pilots, but others may find it interesting (or terrifying) to read about what can go wrong.

Just to be clear, this is separate from the NASA-run pilot survey that's been in the news lately. That survey actively contacted pilots, while ASRS relies on pilots coming forward.

[Previously, though the links in that post are dead and there's been another two and a half years of incidents to report.]
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Very interesting reading - for more mundane reports of dangerous things (with sometimes hilarious captions), check out the Navy's safety photo of the day... this one, for example.
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And remember - it's the mundane things that'll kill you.
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I thought I read that NASA was going to start restricting access to this?
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Oops. Way to read the summary, grouse.
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Coincidentally, on the way to work this morning I was listening to this podcast interview of the director of the ASRS. Rod Machado's private pilot book has some pretty funny excerpts from these "NASA forms."
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Neat! Thanks.
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One of my favorite accident reports ever.
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One of my favorite accident reports ever.
Heh - seemed a little windy to try and fly something like that.
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One thing that's been pointed out regarding aviation fatalities, and holds in general, is that three small problems can equal one big problem.
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Any accident reports involving conveyor belt burns?
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I filed an ASRS report when the system was shiny and brand new- I had seen a flyer or presentation on it at a safety seminar or something. There was actual and meaningful followup to all the reports back then, as I remember getting calls from airspace management specialists about my report. Unfortunately, my report apparently predates the Internet.
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Icarus Accident Report:
This accident was clearly caused by an inexperienced pilot paying scant regard for the operational envelope of the airframe. Although the novel materials used in the airframe had strict limitations, these were well documented and explained to the pilot. It is regarded as significant that, despite the known thermal limitations of the materials used, no attempt had been made to protect the structure from infra-red radiation.

A layer of aluminised film over the outside of the structure would probably have prevented the accident by extending the operational envelope of the airframe. In view of this, and other, design deficiencies in the aircraft it is recommended that Form 100 signatory approval be withdrawn from this manufacturer.
Artist's reconstruction.
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