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Secretly Canadian to reissue psychedelic rocker Bobb Trimble's ultra-rare lps on cd. Considered some of the best psychedelic music produced in the 80s, these self-released records are prized by collectors and routinely fetch hundreds on ebay. Pirates have tried to cash in with unauthorized reissues but now it's Bobb's turn. Download this hour-long radio special devoted to the music (playlist) to get a taste.
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Yet another reason Secretly Canadian kicks ass!
posted by dobbs at 8:27 AM on November 2, 2007

It's decent, but not $1049 decent.
posted by cloeburner at 8:39 AM on November 2, 2007

You're In My Dreams is such a good song.
posted by Spacelegoman at 8:58 AM on November 2, 2007

cloeburner writes "It's decent, but not $1049 decent."

Collectors' value doesn't necessarily correlate with quality. I used to like collecting rare music and paying high dollar for it, but I'm not a fetishist. I'd rather have a copy of "The White Album" I can actually put on my turntable (or in my CD player) than one I can't play at all because it's a first pressing and worth thousands of dollars, and playing it will degrade the value.

But the release of these CDs should make this music available to us po' folks. That's good. I've heard about him before but haven't explored his music much. This is a good enough excuse as any.
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More tasty tastes over at his MySpace page.
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Suh-weeeet! I actually heard this show when it was broadcast, and haven't heard any of his music since. Thanks!
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