Maker Faire
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The Maker Faire in Austin is over but you can see all the blue ribbon winners here. Dont miss stuff like the star wheel, or the life sized mousetrap, artgolf, high-voltage toys, a parking lot trebuchet, and of course robots.
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I believe you mean Maker Faire.
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And that's trebuchet, while we're at it. But no nevermind with kindly admin fairy for to tweak, or so we hope.
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Dyer Maker.
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Anyone here make it to the Maker Faire?
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I watched all of the giant mousetrap shows at the one in San Jose (it was right outside the building our booth was in). Each time they tried it, something kept going wrong. Suffice to say, during their last performance, when it did make it all the way through, the crowd went nuts. It was definitely a good way to end the day.
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See ? Every day happy day with kindly admin fairy.
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Totally love Robo Thespian, also and the ChakraTron. Fun post.
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Some day I will make it to one of these.
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Anyone here make it to the Maker Faire?

I know at least three of us did. We didn't go together, but we had a tiny MeFi meetup on Saturday night.

I rode that star wheel. They made us sign a waiver first, which was a bit disconcerting. I was already seatbelted into the thing when I started thinking about how somebody made it by hand and what if they did a crap job with the welding and OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO DIE. But I didn't die, and I'd totally do it again.

Here are my Maker Faire photos.
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I was there; my mini art car won at the Toyota booth. :)
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