White Liberal Guilt: The Game
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Real Lives is an educational game for students that's meant to teach geography in a fun and interesting manner, but I think it just proves how soul-crushingly difficult it is for a Westerner like me to eek out subsistence living when I'm, say, the fifth child of seven in an impoverished nation somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. Add this one to the list of socially aware games (previously) that have been popping up here and there these last few years.
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Interesting link--thanks. I took a look through the virtual tour and it is pretty impressive. Nice that they've got a 2-week free trial--I'll have to try it out.

The premise of the game reminds me of a more complicated version of Ayiti: The Game of Life (previously on Metafilter). And oh boy, is that one ever soul-crushingly difficult. I couldn't keep my people from dying of diptheria, tuberculosis, or other awful diseases for the first ten times or so that I played it.
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" it just proves how soul-crushingly difficult it is for a Westerner like me to eek out subsistence living"

Eek, it is difficult to eke out a living that way.
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Thanks for the link, my middle school teacher/activist wife is very interested!!!
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Eek! A typo!
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As a kid I had book had a bag of rice and a spinner attached to it that determined where in the world you were born. 95% of the spinner gave you some miniscule amount and 5% gave you the whole bag. This looks a lot more fun than that. I'll have to wait to play it 'til I can get my hands on a PC, but this looks like something I'd love to use in a classroom.
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"You have Died Of Dysentery"
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Fantastic game! Thank you~
I was born into poverty as a bi-sexual Chinese boy, arrested several times, emigrated to Kansas, got rich, retired in Mexico with a cool half million dollars, had a sordid affair with a construction worker 20 years my junior, then died of an infection due to complications from diabetes. If only my real life were that exciting.
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Well, that was depressing.
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Wow, it looks really detailed. I'm going to download it and try it out.
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This reminded me of the old 8-bit game Alter Ego, which simulated the social and personality traits of an individual during their life -- deciding whether to cheat on your wife, yell at your kids, etc. Combine that with Real Lives' disease/economic simulation, and you've got this year's Christmas hit.
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