I'm just going around the corner, darling. I'll be back in 14 years.
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UK native Karl Bushby has been walking around the world since 1998. No, literally: walking. around. the. world. It hasn't been without its trials, of course (resolution). He isn't expected home until 2012.
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can you hear me now?
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...but this guy was more interesting.
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Well. An interesting story. I always wondered if it was possible to walk across the mostly frozen Bering Strait. Turns out it is barely possible. And our protagonist has to dither away a year to let Russia let him continue his trek! (Seems like something he'd plan in advance, but there's not much on these sites that hint at what must have been some pretty frustrating border crossings.)

And...the "around the world" thing, considering he's not starting and returning to the same place seemed a little dicey until you see he's walking 36,000 miles, and the circumference of our planet is
24,000 miles. So, good on ya for that, matey.

Here's an answer to one troubling question, for those of you who aren't intrigued enough to click on all the links: the English Channel:

Karl is not related to Jesus; he will walk across to England by utilizing a maintenance tunnel of the “Chunnel” which connects England with France.
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Notice the cart being pulled behind. This method was first pioneered/proven by another English long distance walker George Meegan who (currently) holds the world record for the longest unbroken march 19,019 miles in 2,425 days from 1977 to 1983. Basically, Karl Bushby is out to break Meegan's record. Meegan's book The Longest Walk is excellent reading.

BTW I'm not sure what defines an "unbroken walk" ie. is it broken if you do it in stages, taking breaks like Bushby is doing. I'm pretty certain that Meegan stayed on the road non-stop the entire 19,019 miles (and managed to get married and have a child while doing it).
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I believe his definition of unbroken constitutes not being transported by vehicle or vessel for any leg of his journey. Certainly one would have to stop at least to sleep, so there is no such thing as walking that far without breaks. Of course, one can quibble over how long the breaks should be.
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This was really cool, thanks. I have to wonder though, why no Africa?
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Because the Atlantic Ocean is to the east, the Indian ocean to the west, and the Med is to the north, and it's cut off from Asia by the Suez canal.

Africa is a dead end.
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Africa is a dead end.

For some reason, that statement filled me with enormous sadness.
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dang, i'm hooked. i've been following that Aussie chick that's walking across Africa for the last couple years (great stuff, as well!). (and patr1ck, if you read anything on her blog about Africa, you can maybe see that it's even more politically difficult and dangerous than S. America.)

this guy's journal entries from the very beginning are pretty entertaining--makes you really admire him for not giving up right then. (cutting an artery in my wrist would have left me passed out on the side of the road, and that would have been it--not to mention the constant wind and eventual windstorm, equipment problems, and dagger-wielding gauchos...)
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Fascinating read. I hope he'll get permission to walk through the Channel Tunnel at the end of all of this. Be sure to read his entries for the Darien gap and the Bering Strait.
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The Bering strait crossing really sums up the human condition, or the spirit of humanity, or whatever you want to call it: dude pushes the limits, at great personal risk, to accomplish something new and amazing.

Then some bureaucratic powermongering douchebags have to butt in and fuck him over.
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urm "Because the Atlantic Ocean is to the west, the Indian ocean to the east..." urm

You all knew what I meant. Just because I get my left hand and my right hand mixed up all the time and write some ɔɥɐrɐctərs strangə...
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All that planning and whatever, "I'm walking around the world!" ... and he didn't get pre-approval from Russian authorities?

Did he figure he could just walk through it and it wouldn't be a big deal? wtf.
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He's planning to stop at Dover? What a wimp. I'd at least continue on to Land's End.
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I always wondered if it was possible to walk across the mostly frozen Bering Strait. Turns out it is barely possible.

Dude, how do you think Bigfoot got here?
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Well, desjardins, just watched all 4 YouTube videos and wept with how amazing it is he accomplished what he set out to do in crossing the Bering Strait. That was *incredible*. It was so inspiring. He's such a humble person and nobody is saying anything especially positive to him, in fact all he seems to get is ragging, snide comments and a variety of negativity. And he *still* achieves success.

I have to say that Karl Bushby is an extraordinary human being with an incredible capacity for hope and determination. I'm truly wowed.

Great post.
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Journey on, pilgrim.
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Wish I had the time and money to do such a thing.
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I'm really enjoying his journal entries. I'm totally boggled by such a trip. Great post, thanks!
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