Martin Puryear
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Martin Puryear : artist, Peace Corps alumni, MacArthur Foundation Award recipient. A retrospective of his artwork (1977-2007) opens at The Museum Of Modern Art today. Also online here.
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posted by R. Mutt at 7:14 AM on November 4, 2007

Martin Puryear was a huge inspiration to my generation of post-Hairy Who Chicago artists, as evidence that you didn't have to make "Chicago" art to make it. That he broke other stereotypes as well is icing on the cake.
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Really enjoyed that. A kind of zen of Africa.
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I stumbled into a show of his at the Hirshorn many years ago and it was breathtaking. His work is intellectually engaging and at the same time there is this subliminal riptide of meaning.
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NYT review of the retrospective.
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Great art, but the MOMA site gave me motion sickness.
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I thought the MoMa site was lovely, actually, a fine complement to a god of form.
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Fortuitous timing - I saw a notice about this show on the subway just this morning. I love his choice of materials and the deceptive simplicity of the work. Thanks for the post.
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