Barbara Lynn Ozen: songwriter, guitarist, singer.
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Ever heard of Barbara Lynn? She was a rarity in the world of R&B in the early 60's: a black female songwriter, guitarist and singer. After a couple of decades out of the spotlight, she returned in 1999 with a new album.

Here's one more Barbara Lynn YouTube clip, a rather generic soul number called Movin' On A Groove". It's a fairly forgettable track, but her warm vocals make it worth a listen. Dumb video alert.

Carla Thomas (daughter of Rufus Thomas) also recorded a version of Lynn's hit You'll Lose a Good Thing, as did country star Freddy Fender. Unfortunately, Fender's version has been removed from YouTube.
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Barbara Lynn is one of the great unheralded talents of that era. And that version of 'What'd I Say" is killer bee. Nice work, flapjax.
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That second you tube link was fantastic. She has such a great laid-back presence, and I love the way she moves while playing guitar. Cool post.
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Oh, nice to know the author of that excellent song, You'll Lose A Good Thing. Oh man, she sizzles in your guitar link, hssssst.

Going to pick her her latest album, Hot Night Tonight. Loved those clips on your last link, also sizzling. It has a kind of Rolling Stones, Tina Turner combo feel with her son's added rap...way cool! Love it. As ever, thanks flapjax.
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I hadn't (though I'd heard a couple of her songs not knowing it), and I'm glad I have now. Cheers flapjax.
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Good stuff, flapjax.
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Thank you!
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You'll lose a good thing and Moovin on a groove were both underground hits oop north. Good thing doesn't get much play because it's from that earlier, Twisted Wheel era and isn't associated with the usual 100mph, four to the floor Northern Soul, and Moovin on a Groove doesn't get much play because, as you say, it kinda sucks.

I always wondered whether she was related to Tami Lynn as she always had that country twinge to her work as well.
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fans of barbara & her ilk should check out the ponderosa stomp in new orleans (which is where i saw her). the 2008 stomp (april 28-29) is going to have roky erickson (who also appeared last year), the collins kids, the green fuz, syl johnson, and the incomparable ronnie spector (!), amongst others.
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Hey, PeterMcDermott, thanks for that link, I'd never heard of Tami Lynn, but what you call a "country twinge" would be explained by her deep South roots (hails from New Orleans, apparently), and Barbara Lynn Ozen was from Beaumont, Texas, not so far away from New Orleans. Here's a little more on Tami Lynn.
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Barbara Lynn's I'm a Good Woman was basically remixed by Moby for the song Another Woman.
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