Heavy Metal Good Triumphs Over Animatronic Evil
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Epic battle between John Mikl Thor and animatronic Satan! This is from Rock n' Roll Nightmare (a movie so good it has fans) starring "Legendary Rock Warrior" John Mikl Thor (previously of MetaFilter). WFMU's Beware of the Blog has more information on John Mikl Thor and many clips from the movie as well as a clip of Thor performing on The Mike Douglas Show in 1976 [qt].
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Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Beware of the Blogpost has mp3s of John Mikl Thor's first and (apparently) best album which is straight up glam.
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I simply must see this entire film.

Sad to see that there are no other Metafilter posts with the "smokingpuppets" tag, though. This must be remedied.


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Unlike other types of cheese, this did not improve with age.
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That was pretty fucking awesome.
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I've seen the movie - it's really, uh, something. Very entertaining. Worth a netflix if you're in the States.

The song "Gotta keep the dogs away" is a major earworm for me - catchy as hell.
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It's the Manos Hand of Fate movie for wrestling.
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