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Believe it or not, there was a record for running the fastest 50 mile ultra marathon while juggling. And this guy just beat it. I present to you: joggling.

Guess what else: joggling almost sounds like blogging.

You'd think online folks would discuss this on a joggling board, but it seems like most of them are doing it here.
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Unicycle hockey!
posted by loquacious at 12:32 PM on November 5, 2007

Human beings are wonderfully odd.
posted by milarepa at 12:34 PM on November 5, 2007

paging themadjuggler....
posted by es_de_bah at 12:39 PM on November 5, 2007

Yeah, but can you do it while solving differential equations in your head?
posted by 517 at 12:52 PM on November 5, 2007

For the record, in 1987, Albert Lucas (pictured on your second link) was the first American to finish a marathon while joggling. Oh yeah, he did it without dropping once!

He's also the world record holder for most objects flashed, thirteen rings with thirteen catches.
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The guy they mention that set the record in '89, Ashrita Furman, is pretty amazing. As an aside, I saw him on Oprah years ago demonstrating one-handed clapping. I've been using that as a stupid human trick every since.
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So is this what happens to type-A jugglers? Not enough competition in just plain old juggling, so they have to take it to the next level. Extreme juggling, heli-juggling and parajuggling are next.
The sad thing is, as accomplished as these guys are, they will never get laid.
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so, do you start training for this by juggling for hours at a stretch without dropping, then doing so while running a marathon, or do you train for the marathon first, then the juggling while doing so? or do you start with short runs while juggling? or short periods of juggling during long runs? maybe juggling wind sprints?
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MetaFilter: As accomplished as these guys are, they will never get laid
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Wow. I saw this guy cross the finish line at the Chicago Marathon. At the time, I'd assumed that he'd started juggling as he turned the corner into the final .2 miles. A lot of runners clown around to grab the attention of the crowd & I figured he was just lamer than most. The reality is far more interesting!
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Let’s see a horse do that.

Still, not as demanding as marathon juggle-kickhackyboxing. I fought tkchrist for 1678 rounds (stalemate - one of his - or my - chainsaws nicked one of my - or his - hackysacks and all the stuff fell out. Meh. At least it wasn’t one of the Chihuahas or cats)
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