Top 101 Cities Lists
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Top 101 Cities Lists (in the US)
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Wow. Some crazy extremes out there. Like, 95+% of a zipcode (with 15,000+ people) voting for a particular candidate. Also, South Florida is a gay Mecca. ( Homofascists?)
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Holy crap, this site is awesome. Go to the main page and look for your own town. It has everything from racial makeup to location of water testing stations.
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[this is good]
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Craptacular design, but full of information. Not a worthless post at all. For example, check out their list of "Top 100 High-Educated but Low-Earning Cities" here. Stanford, CA is #1, with 94.6% of residents holding a bachelor's degree, and a $41K median income
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Top 101 zip codes with the highest 2004 average Adjusted Gross Income

1. 10004 (New York, NY), pop. 1,225: 1192091

10004 Zip Code Detailed Profile

City: New York, NY
Bronx County, NY

I would hazard to guess that this zipcode accounts for 90% of the income in the Bronx.

Where is this, anyway? Riverdale or something? Their little mappy thing wasn't helpful.
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One of the numbers about China that blew me away when I first heard it is that there's something like 125 cities with populations of a million or greater. We have, what, three or four perhaps that size in the UK. All those lives going on in places I've not even heard of. Boggles my mind.
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10004 is Wall Street -- NOT Bronx County.
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According to this, 10004 is actually the southernmost tip of Manhattan (including Ellis and Governor's Islands).
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Here is a better map showing 10004 is Wall Street/Battery Park.
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Also, I found this page to be highly instructive.

Notice how the most solidly-blue regions weren't NYC or LA, but disaffected rust-belt cities and towns.
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Thanks for the link; this is fascinating stuff.

I realize it was likely census data at the core, but I still think there should have been filters for military bases/towns. "Not living in same house as 5 years ago" and "Most people who walk to work" would have been interesting to observe outside the military skew, for example.

If one is willing to poke around, a lot of this data bears out Demographics You Assumed But Had No Proof Of. Ex: Texas with the bulk of the cities on the "lowest # of English-speaking households".... Retiree-heavy AZ and FL with the "fewest # people born in same state as city," that sort of thing.

But it shows a lot of Demographics You Assumed Totally Incorrectly too: Most Households with Firearms, for example. Or, where the most divorced people live. I had an enlightening couple of minutes of self-revelation, looking through the list and making assumptions before I clicked, to see how my assumptions held up against facts.

Shout out, Austin: #1 for "Most alcohol drinking places" \m/
(but hey, also appearing in the list of most doctorates, so.)

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I love that there are 3,855 living in the 78701 zip code of Austin, Texas - and 80 places to drink.
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Only 9 percent of the population in my town has a graduate degree? Fuck this, I'm asking for a raise.
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hm. Afroblanco's link merely makes me sad. Look at all those counties in Colorado that were heavily weighted towards Kerry, including the most populous one (Denver county).

and yet, the state still comes up as a 'red state' on the majority vote. This, my friends, is why I hate politics.
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So, according to this, Davis County, UT, residents:

Love their teeth (12th in dentist visits), don't smoke (#1), don't drink (#1), own guns (#13), and impregnate every fertile woman within range (#12).

Yeah, sounds about right.
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davehat's definitely got a point tho, the OP could have qualified a bit on the title... I mean we do have a lot of non-US members on this site. Just seems a tad rude where you're implying these are the "top 101 Cities"... ANYWHERE.
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Great resource thanks.

Another goodie with maps: Social Explorer
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Sorry, didn't mean to imply a non-US slant. I just thought it was interesting.

See the highest percentage voting for Bush one? Just two lines down the center of the country. The Kerry one is similar, with one down the center and one on the east coast. Is this just a sign that the Midwest is better worse at gerrymandering?
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This could be a great website but it's hampered but a poor design. Lots of great information but where are the citations? Hard to tell if you're looking at comparable numbers from list to list. And the local profiles run on and on and on. Somebody get an editor!
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In order to meet women, I suggest you cross-reference this list with this one.
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This is begging for some Hans Rosling-style scatter-plot-y goodness. Is the raw data available anywhere?
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damn. i'm sorta embarrassed to be born in Macomb County.
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Links to 101 lists of "100 top cities," and yet we're still going to make this thread about NYC.
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King Bee: and perhaps this one?
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Alexei - If one is so inclined, then yes. =)
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What surprised me was all the sunburned folks from the northeast
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Sorry, I was annoyed because I'm from Canada. Should count to 10 before posting.
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Very interesting link. FWIW, the Top 101 cities with the largest percentage of likely homosexual households (also on this list) confirms a couple of local queer-community nicknames for Decatur, GA ("Dyke-ate her", "Dick-hater"). Numbers 6, 9, 14, 21, and 24 on the list are an essentially contiguous area, and 26 and 32 aren't far away.

I'm also seeing several lists where college towns are skewing the results. It's hard to get realistic accounting of things like per-capita income when more than half a city's residents are full-time students, some of whom must work full-time while others are fully supported by parents and still others are living off undeclared grant and loan income.
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Wow. The high school I attended is less that half the size it was when I graduated.
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You forgot to add "US" to the link title.
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There are top cities OUTSIDE the US?

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Miami Shores? You got to be shitting me. Unless everything's changed in 20 years, and , well, hell I guess it could have -- Miami Shores was all old religion last I remembered.
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Why do Pittsburgh and Boston, for instance, have spikes at 20-something years of age?
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I'm also seeing several lists where college towns are skewing the results.

Is that it?
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Pineapple: "But it shows a lot of Demographics You Assumed Totally Incorrectly too: Most Households with Firearms, for example."

Look at the Most Households and Least Households with Firearms. Significant overlap. I say there are fewer than 200 counties reporting on this demographic.
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Great post, thanks!
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So, do people want to move to California, or what?

Top 101 larger cities with the highest increase in house/condo value from 2000 to 2005

I mean, for fuck's sake, I know the weather is good and all, but ...
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No wonder I can never get a cab when it rains here in NY. I need to move to Bethel, AK.
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Why is it they've compiled data on the high & low weight of women... But there's nothing on the weight of men?

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i love the list of People in Group Quarters in Portland, OR. it ends with this:

- 7 people in wards in general hospitals for patients who have no usual home elsewhere
- 4 people in unknown juvenile institutions
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Is that it?

For Boston it almost certainly is.
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THIS IS AWESOME. Gonna take me a while to get through it all. Damn, but I love me some demographics!
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This is why I was pissed that Canada was omitted... check out this list of the most-skyscrapered cities in the world. Toronto is number 2 on the list! Canada has 3 cities in the top 10, and 6 cities in the top 25. Even my fairly insiginificant hometown of Mississauga seems to have a world-class skyline.
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You can't spit without hitting two or three bars in my zip (21224) in Baltimore, and we're only #25 for alcohol-serving places in the US? Folks, we must do better.

Of course, we're still #1 in the city of Baltimore, the state of Maryland, and the Northeast (excluding a couple of NYC zip codes), so I suppose there's still something to be proud of . . .
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Pineapple- I guess you are in Austin, too. Hahah at everyone who assumes Texans are all crazy for firearms. Only 2 Texas counties (the ones that house Dallas and Houston) made the firearms list that you pointed out.

Phaedon- 78701 is the zip that has the entertainment and bar district and very little housing in comparison. That's why the numbers are like that.
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