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West Coast Classic Restoration specializes in restoring vintage Volkswagens and Porsches, and they have lots of photos of their restoration process.
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Slug Bug!
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Yeah, it's nice to see some of the paint prep and before and after photos. Its easy to forget how much work goes into a proper re-paint.

Thanks for the link!
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Great link... thanks!
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These folks love what they do! I can only imagine the pride one gets after finishing one of these restorations.
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this one looks pretty similar to my '66 beetle - inside & out - although my side panels are white & i've got whitewall tyres.
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This makes me sad for the parade of ratty classic cars I have owned and failed to restore beyond a new set of floor mats.
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What a great car. 2-door, rear-engine, air-cooled station wagon. I've always loved classic porsches and some vw's. I love 911s, but not the beetles. Even though they're closely related.
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My buddy had a 1977 Porsche 912. It broke down constantly. (read as: constantly), it was such a complete piece of shit, it actually tainted my view of the entire manufacturer for years afterwards.

Volkswagen on the other hand, and despite my owning a really, really awful Fox, has managed to stay on my good side. I'd love to pick up one of the classic Beetles, but I've got too many damn project cars already.
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Ach, make that 1967.
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Sigh. Just makes me remember how much work I have to do on my '73 Super. They do nice work though.
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if classic VW restoration is your thing, check out VW+VW1500, one man's ongoing journey of his restoration of a lovely 1962
VW 1500 Karmann-Ghia. i'm consistently amazed at his determination and success in tracking down 45-year-old OEM parts.
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this is a better version of this post.
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