the quasi-legal underground lifestyle of prison raping
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This post was deleted for the following reason: It's a double, tasteless presentation aside. -- cortex

Tragic article. Needs to be read by everyone.

The title of your link -- I'm not so sure about.
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I don't mean to be an ass about this - this is pretty terrifying stuff - and i'm not necessarily part of the school that says you have to have a million links in your FPP, but...this is a six year old HRW report on something that we've discussed before.
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It’s also a double.
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The prevalence of prison rape is a sickening thing, and the tacit (and occasionally overt) approval of it by our society is one of the most sickening things about our culture.
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Oookay, offensive title much?
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because putting people in an environment where rape and assault is likely is going to make them MORE adjusted to society.

ah, prisons. a testament to the relative importance of gut reactions vs careful planning in social policy.

also, since this is a double and likely to be deleted, let me just say this:

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It's allowed because some people think it's a good way to make people more afraid of going to jail, and thus more likely not to commit crimes. To the point of having ex inmates show up at schools and talk about prison rape in order to "scare kids straight."

I mean, these things, these problems with our society, they don't happen by accident, they happen because people want them to happen.

So the important question to ask, in my view, is why do they want these things to happen, who they are, and how can they be convinced otherwise, or marginalized?
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