Harold and Kumar go home for the holidays
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The winner of the 2007 White Castle recipe competition? Slider latkes. Not Jewish? White Castle will help you put their burgers just about anywhere.
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This reminds me of the recipe that my brother submitted to a Chex recipe contest when we were kids. The "prize" was a free roll of film. The "recipe" was as follows: "Mix Chex with leftovers to make a healthy meal for your dog." His film arrived in three to four weeks.
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No. Just, no.
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You just know someone'll come along and tell us how White Castle gives them the runs. Thread shitters.
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See, I was thinking that it would be a slider, with the buns replaced by latkes. I could approve of that, as a once-in-a-lifetime, don't ever eat it again kinda deal. I could really go for some latkes actually...
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White Castle will put their burgers anywhere but Maryland, the regional bastards.

(The frozen ones just don't cut it.)
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dersins, that "no" sounds like a CHALLENGE to me!

There's a White Castle within walking distance of my apartment, right next to one of my favorite bars. I've lost track of how many nights have involved post-beer sliders... Ah, good times. Good onion-scented times.

Hey, I ever tell you guys about the time I ate an entire Crave Case? Hoo boy. Again I say: good onion-scented times.
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I love White Castle more than any man should, although I can never seem to get my girlfriend to drive me there when I'm drunk. I am working on an ingenious plan a few 2x4s and some combination of beagles and cats to feed the Crave™ without getting a DUI.

I might stuff the Thanksgiving turkey with White Castles this year and see if anyone notices.
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Is it just me or is it weird that a website called earthtimes dot org is hosting news about White Castle's new hamburger?
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if you explore their site, there is a video of an employee competition for the fastest grill, the smell of the onions was coming out of my speakers. i left chicago for new mexico over 30 years ago. i would fucking kill for a white castle.
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I feel sick. White Castle is so gross on it's own without grinding it up and making it into some other food product. aahhhhh!
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Harold & Kumar 2 -- Coming Soon.
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And for those of us in the west, White Castle continues to be an eastern and southern phenomenon.
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I stuffed our turkey with White Castles last year. It was a big hit, was superbly easy to make, and gave me an excuse to eat White Castle for breakfast the day I cooked.
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During last year's Superbowl party, we decided to deep-fry some sliders (Youtube; NSFW language, I'm guessing; kind-of boring video).
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In Alabama we had Krystal's (same thing). At the end of a drunken night we would drive through and order about 10 of them. I usually ate all of them immediately, but one night when my friend Molly and I were out, I saved one for later. When I got home I crawled into bed, turned out the light, and ate my slider in the dark. Heaven.
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In Alabama we had Krystal's (same thing).

Them's fightin' words.
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doctor_negative: "And for those of us in the west, White Castle continues to be an eastern and southern phenomenon."

I'm sorry. Krystals do not White Castles make. They may look similar, but they are most definitely not the same.
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... but they are most definitely not the same.

Which one's the starbelly, now?
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I'm sorry. Krystals do not White Castles make. They may look similar, but they are most definitely not the same.

When you're drunk at one in the morning they're close enough.
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lodurr: "Which one's the starbelly, now?"

See, it's all in the cooking method. It's much more than a painted mark on a sneetch.

White Castles are cooked by putting onions on the grill, the beef patty (with the little holes) on top of the onions, and the buns on top that. The onions cook on the grill, and their juices steam up and cook the beef and warm the bun.

Krystals have the same size and shape, but they're cooked just like regular burgers and every other fast food place: patty on the grill, throw it on a bun (right out of the plastic bag).

Jello chocolate pudding looks like mocha mousse when piped into a little dessert cup, but it's not. Even when you're drunk at one in the morning.
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Oh lord, is this going to turn into a Blue vs. Gray debate? Haven't you people done enough to us without dissin' our burgers? I don't make fun of your barbecue.
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It wouldn't be MeFi if someone didn't do curmudgeon duties. White Castle appears to be by far the trans fattiest major fast food chain.
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Evangeline: I've been in Georgia for ten years. I haven't lived in White Castle territory in 18 years. It's not a blue vs. gray debate at all. I'm just saying that just because they look like doesn't mean they taste alike.

And those non-steamed right-out-of-the-bag buns? Too much friction. Impedes the slide, gets caught in the throat. Can't even call 'em "sliders" if you have to chew 'em.
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Fair enough. I'll put my musket back in the closet.
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Eww. Give me Krispy Kreme Cheesecake instead.
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Reuben Casserole?

Like anything White Castle, I would have to be very drunk to try any of those recipes.
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Ah, I had no idea. I've only been to a White Castle once, very drunk, at 3 in the morning. So while my experience was genuine, it is somewhat blurry as memories go.
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I vouch for the deliciousness of the White Castle stuffing. Big big hit. Yuuuummmmmm!
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Paté? Really? Wow ...

I don't quite understand the obsession with White Castle, but I can sympathize. But paté? I can't imagine it.
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Growing up in suburban Connecticut, stopping at White Castle on the way to visit one of our NYC relatives was always a big treat. I became a bit obsessed, to the point where one of my NJ cousins brought me a sack of ten at my Bar Mitzvah (no lie).

The whole White Castle-as-stuffing phenomenon is drawing me in like a bad car wreck off to the side of the road. On the one hand, filling a turkey with mashed-up fast food is about the most disgusting thing I can imagine (as if Homer Simpson tried to make a Turducken). On the other hand, I appreciate the symbolism as a meta-level commentary on the dangers of American (over)consumerism: on the most American of holidays, the turkey becomes a stand-in for a typical American - stuffed full of fast food.

Also, maybe it really would be a tasty alternative to a sausage or oyster-based stuffing.
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I grew up three blocks from a White Castle, the one at 165th and Calumet Ave, Hammond, Indiana. At one point I had a brother and a sister who worked there (of 4 sisters and 2 brothers). We were typical white trash factory workers' kids who joined our underclass Mexican and Black comrades and ate these, four to a paper plate, all the time. White Castle, like Madvek's Vienna Red Hots, brought people together.

Now I live in Canada and cannot even order them online, no delivery outside the 48 contiguous. I miss them with every fibre of my being.

But they shouldn't be in "recipes."
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