A Website about Corporate Identity.
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A Website about Corporate Identity. A large archive of corporation logos with design credits, typeface identification (or, at least the typographic roots of the ID's.) and Pantone color information. Not at all complete, but it's a very nice start. Hopefully it will continue to expand. via: Grain Edit (design blog)
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Beautiful resource. Thank you.
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Metafilter - the colors are blue (Pantone 7462) and 1970s leisure-suit yellow (Pantone 397). Metafilter uses the typeface Trade Gothic Bold Oblique.
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1970s leisure-suit yellow

Reminds me more of my first car, a yellow 1970s BMW. (They call it neon yellow here, but it was labeled "golf green" on a sticker under the hood.)
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This is essentially totally useless to me, but I really like it.
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This is essential to me, but I don't really like it.

Gotta get out of MarCom.
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Damn it, it doesn't have Halliburton. And I really wanted to know what the pantone of evil was.

Ooh, but it does have AT&T, I guess I can console my self with that...
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the corp ID stuff is really useful, but the Grain Edit blog is absolutely fantastic - thanks.
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On the topic of corporate identity, don't forget the recently linked blog "Brand New," which makes before and after critiques of corporate re-branding.
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Also check out Brands of the World, which offers downloadable vector files of nearly any logo you can think of.
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I'm thinking of rebranding from "the quidnunc kid" to either "the quidnunc kid (Bermuda) holding corporation limited" or "zOwEE!".

The first option clearly sets out my precise legal status in the quidnunc kid group of companies, reducing confusion for potential investors and putting other stakeholders on notice both as to liability issues and to the co-ordination role I play within said corporate group. The second option is some fucking bullshit I just pulled out of a bull's asshole.

My question to the focus group is: what colour typeface would make you give "zOwEE!" all of your personal banking details? Write down those details in your favourite colour font and email them to me and I guarantee that you'll be "zOwEEd!" within four to six days.
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Learn the colors of your future corporate master now. Before it's too late.

Great resource, though. I had no idea Victor Vasarely designed the Renault logo. I can see that, now.
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