Next-to-last Titanic Survivor dead.
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And then there was one.
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It seems odd that something like this is soon to pass from living memory into the history books, but time marches on. RIP.
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Where's the necklace?
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I rather think it has already passed from living memory. This lady was but 1 year old and the other survivor was 2 months old, they didn't remember it. There might be some venerable souls out there who remember the news story from real time but there would have to be at least 105, and more likely older than that.

But, quibbles aside, a little toast to her this evening, I liked the last paragraph of the story the best.
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You can't just become a Highlander, you have to be born one.

Oh, not that kind of one.
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If only she'd shared that giant chunk of wood, Leonardo DiCaprio might still be alive today. Just move your stupid ass over, Kate Winslett!!! Jeez, I hated that movie.

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True, she had no memory at all of the event...but just knowing that there are still people alive (well, only one, now) who were actually part of that fateful journey, which seems to have occurred so long ago as to be "un-knowable" to folks in modern-day just sort of puts the timeline of the 20th/21st century into a different perspective, somehow.

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The Titanic curse is creepy, almost everyone who set foot on it has died.
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Decades hence, when the last "survivor" of the 20th Century has drawn their last breath, our grandchildren will cheer the bitter cry of Pyrrhic victory that only time can secure.
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