In the Shadow of Lal Masjid
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The China Factor in Pakistani Politics "Pakistan’s alliance with China, which supports Islamabad’s confrontation with India and underpins its hopes for economic growth in its populous heartland, is probably a lot more important to Islamabad than the dangerous, destabilizing, and thankless task of pursuing Islamic extremists on its remote and impoverished frontiers at Washington’s behest."
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Um, also 212,999,999 hereish
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Good post. The coverage of the Red Mosque siege was horrible in the states, good to get more information.

Surprised he didn't mention the port of Gwadar, which China is basically building for Pakistan.
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I knew there had to be a better reason Bush was getting so cozy with General Pervez (I LOVE that name) than the "War on Terrah" and that's it... we're fighting for their friendship with China - much the same way Reagan and company in the 80s challenged the Soviets to become BFFs with Saddam in Iraq. Those who fail to learn from history... are fully in charge.
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Bravo, vapidave. I expect a full and concise summary of all those links come morning. TIA!

Interesting read. Unsurprisingly, the CBC, etc.'s focus on Pakistan these days often ignores the Chinese relationship in favour of Afghanistan, so thanks, Abiezer!
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The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
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I heartily apologise for any offence caused by linking to a less well-known blog with a sustained informed commentary on China matters, vapidave. Not to mention wasting such a large proportion of your obviously valuable and sparingly applied commenting rights. I see with your own broad reading at Google and Wikipedia you already have the more esoteric Internet sources well covered.
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Related - from Juan Cole: Pakistan's largest Urdu daily, which is usually moderate and politically neutral, attacks the US presence in Iraq as an brutal occupation, aimed at stealing Iraq's resources and 'showering favors on Israel.' It also defends Iran.
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Thanks for the consistently great China coverage, Abiezer.
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Thanks for this post. It adds a whole new nuance to the current situation and one which is not really getting coverage.
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Sorry about that to all I offended, I must have been in a bad mood or my moon was in Uranus or something.
I apologize.
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None taken, vapidave. And I got to be sarcastic!
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