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Video game soundtrack, sans video game. Cicada gives us two albums Technology Crisis, and Technology Crisis 2. Not that this is that unique, even Mefi's are getting into the act.
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See also Video Game: The Movie: The Game: The Original Soundtrack (with elaborate backstory somewhat reminiscent of Poag's 'Propaganda' work.)
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Thanks for reminding me of jake, zabuni. Love, love, love his music.
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Sounds pretty sweet. Also check out DisasterPEACE if you're into this kind of thing.
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I would be remiss if I didn't mention Machinae Supremacy, a synth-heavy alt-rock band that is very inspired by video game music. Also: The Minibosses, now with an extra-retro website.

Excellent post, thanks. I know what I'll be annoying my coworkers with today.
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Oh thank you! I NEED music like this right now.
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This is neat, thanks. And thanks for the extra links, everybody else!
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This is great, thanks.
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I thought about mentioning this earlier, but there was another really good post on videogame music a couple years ago. It was a little different, as the linked music was all covers, but here it is. Nice stuff, especially Saskrotch.
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Excellent! Thanks for the link.
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