Supreme Master TV
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Supreme Master TV. As advertised on the very back page of this week's Economist Newspaper. It's great when spiritual leaders just come right out and say it. Check out the awesome paintings.
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Just wait until you see the sports package. Totally awesome.
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why do i feel a sudden yearning for kool aid?
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I want her to have a decathlon with Kim Jong-Il. Both can bring their own pr-people. Super awesomeness ensures.
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I think she stole those paintings from somebody's mom's fridge door.
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For being a goofy cult, they've got one hell of an awesome vegetarian restaurant in (Phoenix of all places). Points for having the longest, craziest, cultiest name I've ever seen: Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai International Association Vegetarian House
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Ohmigod, I went to that restaurant in Phoenix in the late 90's while visiting on business and loved it. I forgot all about that & that it was connected to this cult.

Anyway, they have had a full page ad in the back of the last several issues of Time so they must be clocking duckets ... odd.
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With that collar (second link) she's probably a switch, not a top.
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How is this different from your average American Christian TV Evangelist, "God's Direct Contact" and all? (Although I am surprised the domain name hadn't been grabbed up WAY earlier)
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What the shit did I just watch for the last ten minutes?
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They have a restaurant in San Jose near SJSU with some of her 'art' and 'fashion' displayed. I've eaten there three or four times, but I'm afraid they are going to drug my food and make me watch her videos on the giant tv in the corner.
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My brain just moved to one side of my head and then back again.
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i think they have a restaurant (or a cult just like it) in Portland, OR (in 'chinatown'). it sucks. really bland vegetarian 'chinese' food.
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Wow, they have a link to just what I have always been looking for, Vegetarian Dog Recipes. And here I thought dogs were meat!
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This is some goofy shit.
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I'm glad to finally have a replacement for Dr. Gene Scott.
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This is like a cult my mom would have come up with, or maybe a high school Pep Squad.

A lot of Power of Positive Thinking and saying thank you for weird stuff and going out of their way to avoid conflict. I would bet "We can do it, guys!" gets said a lot.

It's kinda sweet I guess, as cults with satellites go. I get the feeling though, if you are that focused on happy, positive stuff, it's pretty easy to get you to sell your house and move your family into a dorm or other not so fun cult stuff.
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Boy, that's one hell of a fluffy, friendly looking cult.

The ritual sex must be extra super kinky.

The more friendly and "normal" the cult is, the more freaky the sex is.
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Check out her bio. Besides the fact that, with that hat, she has got to get a starring role in the sequel to Kung Fu Hustle, it strikes me that her alleged life story is so utterly generic, like a fairy tale of enlightenment, a beauty-parlor version of Batman Begins -- complete with her shyly resisting the call to become the Grand Poobah.
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na na na na na na na na - LEADER!
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Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai

Yikes. The while thing is so meglomanical it creeps me out. She's like an Austin Powers villain.
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We are not worthy. Fortunately.
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They also run Alice & Friends Cafe in Chicago, which is delicious (if you don't mind the cultishness.)
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Golden Lotus, Downtown Oakland

(since we're making a list of McCulty's veggie franchises)
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Golden Era, San Francisco. Best vegetarian restaurant in the city, imo, right around the block from the other, much fancier choice. I've heard that Golden Lotus is great too, psho - I must travel through the tunnel again one of these years ...

Her paintings in Golden Era are much better than the ones from the Web site. I kinda like them.

It's pretty amazing how many times I've eaten there (they had a $4.85 lunch special, I think it's $5.25 now), but I couldn't tell you the first precept of the Supreme Master.
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Awesome. I got a flier for this on my windshield in downtown Portland a couple of weeks ago.

I assumed it was a Moonies thing..
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Very entertaining.
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